Africa’s cryptocurrency market surged by 1,200% between 2020 to 2021: Report


  • Africa’s cryptocurrency adoption soared by 1,200% from July 2020 to June 2021, reshaping its traditional financial systems.
  • Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and Tanzania are leading in this crypto boom, offering an alternative to conventional banking.
  • Despite regulatory challenges, Africa’s cryptocurrency embrace is making it a significant player in the global digital economy.

In a notable development, the African continent has witnessed a staggering growth of 1,200% in cryptocurrency adoption from July 2020 to June 2021, according to an Emurgo State of Web 3.0 report.

Despite accounting for only 2% of the global value of all cryptocurrencies, Africa’s rapid acceptance of digital currencies is reshaping traditional financial flows within the continent and beyond​.

Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and Tanzania lead the charge

Significant adoption rates have been observed in Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and Tanzania, quickly becoming the epicenters of Africa’s burgeoning crypto industry. These nations have experienced high levels of grassroots adoption, indicating a robust and organic growth pattern across the continent.

According to the report, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa received 70% of the $88.5 million in blockchain funding that Africa received in 2021. Even though blockchain funding in Africa grew 11 times more than general funding, the continent’s share of global blockchain funding is only 0.5%. However, this is expected to change as more companies work to provide solutions to the challenges faced by people living in Africa.

The rising popularity of cryptocurrencies in these countries can be attributed to several factors. Cryptocurrencies offer a direct, swift, and convenient channel for remittance payments, international commerce, and savings, providing a compelling alternative to the traditional and often expensive banking systems prevalent in the region​.

Mobile accessibility has also played a critical role in cryptocurrency adoption. With mobile phones being a ubiquitous technology across Africa, the easy access to cryptocurrency networks has significantly streamlined monetary transactions, leading to an increase in retail-sized crypto transfers​.

Cryptocurrency’s future in Africa: A look ahead

Predictions suggest that the use of cryptocurrencies in Africa is set to rise further. The ease and cost-effectiveness of sending and receiving cryptocurrency money will likely continue fueling its growth. Moreover, the use of stablecoins, a type of digital currency whose value is pegged 1:1 with the U.S. dollar, offers a secure avenue for savings, particularly for those facing unstable local currencies​.

Interestingly, the largest crypto channel currently connects Africa to East Asia, a phenomenon largely attributed to the significant presence of Chinese nationals working in Africa. However, connections to Northern and Western Europe and North America are also substantial and follow closely behind​1​.

As the cryptocurrency market in Africa expands, the region is encountering new challenges. Government regulations and the inherent decentralization of blockchain technology are key areas of concern that could affect the continent’s digital market trajectory​.


In Africa, traditional banking services can often be out of reach, and cryptocurrencies are presenting a new avenue for financial inclusion and economic growth. As Africa’s digital revolution gains momentum, the continent is making its mark on the global crypto landscape, potentially providing a blueprint for other regions to follow.

With this rapid surge in cryptocurrency adoption, Africa isn’t just a participant in the global digital economy—it’s quickly becoming a major player. This development marks an important chapter in the continent’s financial history, and its impact will be watched closely in the years to come.

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