Africarare Sets the Metaverse Ablaze With A Mix of Tradition And Technology – Presale Is Live!

In the vast expanse of the metaverse, Africarare emerges as a beacon of innovation and cultural celebration. It marks its unique position by blending the rich tapestry of African heritage with the limitless possibilities of digital technology. Africarare is not just another entry into the virtual world; it is a pioneering project aiming to carve out a space where African art, culture, and innovation meet the future.

The Vision Behind Africarare

The mission of Africarare is bold and clear: to create a metaverse that honors the past while forging the future. It seeks to provide a platform for African artists, creators, and innovators to showcase their talents on a global stage. The goal is to foster a community that values diversity, creativity, and technological advancement, making Africarare a hub for cultural exchange and economic opportunity.

At the heart of Africarare is the integration of African heritage with cutting-edge digital innovation. This unique blend allows for the preservation of traditional art forms and stories while also offering a new medium for expression and engagement. From virtual galleries showcasing African art to digital landscapes inspired by the continent’s diverse ecosystems, Africarare is a testament to the vibrant fusion of tradition and technology.

Ubuntuland & Ubuntu Token ($UBU)

Ubuntuland is a digitally rendered world where the essence of Africa’s vibrant culture meets the forefront of virtual reality and blockchain tech. It’s a sprawling, AI-powered 3D virtual environment designed for users to explore, create, and connect in ways that transcend traditional digital experiences. Within Ubuntuland, users can purchase virtual land, build immersive experiences, showcase art, host events, and much more.

Ubuntuland serves as a marketplace for African artists, creators, and entrepreneurs to thrive by showcasing their work to a global audience. It embodies the philosophy of “Ubuntu” – I am because we are – fostering a community-driven approach where collaboration and shared success are paramount. Through Ubuntuland, Africarare is building a future where the digital realm becomes a space of opportunity, empowerment, and unity, reflective of the continent’s dynamic and diverse cultures.

$UBU – the project’s native token lies at the heart of Africarare’s Ubuntuland by facilitating the transactions and interactions within this ecosystem. Ubuntu tokens can be used to purchase land, create social experiences, applications, games, and set up retail stores in the Ubuntuland. With a solid tokenomics model, $UBU aligns perfectly with Africarare’s mission to uplift and empower, making it not just a utility but a cornerstone of the project’s ecosystem.

$UBU Pre-Sale Is Live

The Ubuntu token ($UBU) has a total supply of 1 billion tokens, with an initial circulating supply of 42 million and an initial market cap of $1 million. The token is part of the Polygon network, and the pre-sale price is $0.06.

$UBU has achieved a significant milestone, having completely sold out during its offering on the Kommunitas launchpad, with a remarkable raise of 2,500,000 UBU tokens. The target raise was set at $150,000, adhering to a vesting schedule of 10% at TGE, followed by a 7-day cliff and then a 6-month linear vesting period.

Further amplifying this momentum, the $UBU IDO is currently underway on the Spores launchpad, pursuing the same targeted raise of $150,000. As it stands, the IDO has already garnered approximately $100,000, reaching 63% of its target. This performance is a testament to the trust and confidence the crypto community has placed in the $UBU token and the Africarare project. 

Adding to the token’s burgeoning success is its confirmed listing on an Asian exchange, slated for February 29th, 2024 (announcing 28th February, 2024), marking a significant step towards liquidity and accessibility for the token holders.

As mentioned, the Spores IDO is currently active, presenting the final chance to acquire $UBU tokens at the initial pre-sale valuation of $0.06. This phase provides an opportunity for participants to engage with the project as it progresses towards its goals within the metaverse. 

Participate in the Spores $UBU IDO here – launchpad.spores.app/ido/africarare-ido  

For more information on the project, visit their official website – africarare.io

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