Groundbreaking Web3 Gaming Insights Based on an African Gaming Industry Report


  • Mobile gaming is prevalent in Africa over 92% gamers use mobile phones to play games.
  • There is a need of more mobile games in Web3.
  • Web3 gaming solves various pain points of gamers.

The gaming industry in Africa is on its way to exceed $1 billion in revenue. According to reports, the majority of the playerbase consists of smartphone users. These findings were released by GeoPoll and PAGG (Pan Africa Gaming Group), and they show a change in habits among gamers in Africa.

The report from GeoPoll covers insights from over 2500 gamers in Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria. Here’s what the report reveals:

  • Mobile gaming is prevalent as over 92% gamers are using mobile devices.
  • Among gamers, 64% play games to cope with stress while 73% say that they play for fun.
  • 63% of the gamers have made gaming related purchases, with 29% spending $2 – $5 every month.
  • Around 44% of the gamers feel that games lack enough cultural representation.
  • Up to 63% of the gamers have made purchases after coming across an ad.

What does it mean for Web3 gaming?

Based on the findings of the report, we can draw some key insights for Web3 gaming. Since 92% of the player base is more keen on using mobile devices, there is an inherent need of mobile experiences in Web3.

The report also mentions that 63% of the players have made purchases in the games. This means that blockchain gaming ecosystem has good economic opportunities. To target players who want to spend in game or earn from them, Web3 gaming can offer various models for monetization such as P2E (play-to-earn) and NFTs.

Web3 gaming also solves the pain points security and data privacy among gamers due to the fact that it is transparent and immutable.


Video games help relieve stress and they’re also quite entertaining. However, it does not end there. New models of in-game monetization like P2E and NFTs can help support gamers and transform Web3 gaming into an earning opportunity. The blockchain model already solves many pain points that traditional gamers have in Web2. All we need is more focus on developing mobile gaming experiences in Web3.

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Shummas is an aspiring Web 3.0 developer and a technical research writer interested in renewable energy, blockchain, and cybersecurity. He also enjoys coffee and gaming in his free time.

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