2024 crypto roadmap: Bitwise’s forecasts in a nutshell

2024 crypto roadmap: Bitwise's forecasts in a nutshell

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  • Bitwise forecasts Bitcoin surpassing $80,000, setting a new high, fueled by spot Bitcoin ETFs and supply reductions.
  • Ethereum’s revenue is expected to double, reaching $5 billion, as its platform gains mainstream crypto application traction.
  • Significant growth in stablecoin transactions and the integration of crypto into AI and prediction markets signal a transformative year for digital assets.

Cryptocurrency’s trajectory is shaping up to be an exhilarating ride, and Bitwise is at the forefront, charting the course for 2024. The past year has set a dynamic stage for the crypto world, and Bitwise’s bold predictions for the upcoming year are not just stirring the pot—they’re flipping it over.

Bitcoin, ETFs, and Coinbase

The cryptocurrency king, Bitcoin, is expected to shatter its own records, with Bitwise projecting it will soar past $80,000. This isn’t just optimistic daydreaming; it’s backed by tangible triggers. The anticipated launch of spot Bitcoin ETFs in early 2024 is poised to be a game-changer, drawing in a deluge of capital from various investors.

This influx, combined with the upcoming halving event that will slash the new Bitcoin supply, sets the stage for an unprecedented spike in value. Essentially, it’s the classic economic model of high demand and low supply, but with a digital twist.

Beyond the halving, Bitcoin’s growth trajectory is bolstered by its increasing integration into the mainstream financial landscape. As Bitcoin continues to outperform traditional asset classes, its allure only strengthens. Its performance in 2023, overshadowing the gains of major assets like the S&P 500, gold, and bonds, has set the stage for even greater interest and investment in 2024.

Another pivotal development on the horizon is the highly anticipated approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF. Bloomberg’s ETF analysts are betting big on this, assigning a 90% likelihood to its approval in early 2024. This isn’t just a speculative bubble; the approval is seen as a catalyst for an influx of mainstream investment into Bitcoin.

Bitwise’s analysis suggests that spot Bitcoin ETFs could capture 1% of the colossal $7.2 trillion U.S. ETF market within five years, amounting to a staggering $72 billion. This would mark a historic juncture, intertwining traditional financial markets with the burgeoning world of crypto in an unprecedented way.

But Bitcoin isn’t the only show in town. Bitwise casts a spotlight on Coinbase, predicting a meteoric rise in its revenue, set to double in 2024. This isn’t just a leap; it’s a quantum jump that leaves Wall Street’s modest 9% growth prediction in the dust. What’s fueling this ambitious surge? Three critical factors stand out.

First, the market’s bullish momentum, with Bitcoin’s impressive 128% uptick, serves as a tide lifting Coinbase’s boat. History shows that Coinbase thrives in bullish markets, and 2024 looks to be no exception. Expect trading volumes to spike, echoing the energy of the crypto market’s pulse.

Second, innovation is Coinbase’s middle name. The platform isn’t just sitting back and enjoying the ride; it’s actively shaping the journey. From the launch of perpetual futures to U.S.-regulated contracts, and the introduction of its Layer 2 blockchain, Coinbase is expanding its offerings.

Last, Bitwise points to Coinbase’s strategic positioning in the emerging Bitcoin ETF sector. As the primary custodian for most Bitcoin ETFs, Coinbase is not just participating in the market; it’s poised to be a cornerstone in its infrastructure.

Ethereum and … Taylor Swift?

Ethereum‘s financial landscape in 2024 is painted in vibrant hues of growth and innovation, according to Bitwise’s predictions. We’re not just talking about a modest increase; Bitwise anticipates a more than doubling of Ethereum’s revenue, catapulting it to an astounding $5 billion. This leap is underpinned by a multifaceted growth strategy, reflecting Ethereum’s expanding influence in the crypto ecosystem.

Another driver of this revenue growth is Ethereum’s progressive improvement in scalability and efficiency. The anticipated upgrades to the network, particularly the significant EIP-4844, promise to reduce transaction costs dramatically. Lower costs mean that activities like microtransactions, which were previously impractical due to high fees, become feasible, opening up a whole new realm of possibilities on the Ethereum blockchain.

Dramatically turning its attention to pop culture, Bitwise foresees Taylor Swift making a grand entrance into the NFT space. This isn’t just another celebrity endorsement; it’s a paradigm shift in fan engagement and music monetization.

Swift, known for her innovative approach and deep connection with her fanbase, finds a perfect match in NFTs. These digital tokens offer a unique avenue for artists to interact directly with their audience, offering exclusive access to content, experiences, and perhaps even a share in their creative output. Swift’s potential NFT launch could include unique digital collectibles, VIP concert experiences, or even fractional ownership of her music royalties.

AI, stablecoins, and Wall Street

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with cryptocurrency is poised to be a defining trend of 2024, heralding a new era in digital transactions. Bitwise’s forecast points towards an innovative synthesis of AI technology and blockchain, a fusion that promises to revolutionize the way we interact with the digital world.

Stablecoins are also predicted to have a breakthrough year, settling more volume than Visa. This reflects not just the expansion of the stablecoin market but its increasing integration into everyday payments and remittances. The growth of stablecoins, from a virtually nonexistent market to a $137 billion behemoth in just four years, underscores their potential to transform financial transactions on a global scale.

And finally, J.P. Morgan’s foray into blockchain technology is a testament to Wall Street’s growing acceptance of crypto. Their exploration of tokenized portfolios on blockchains like Avalanche and the potential launch of a tokenized fund in 2024 demonstrate how traditional banking giants are leveraging the efficiencies and innovations offered by blockchain technology. This trend is a clear indicator of the increasing melding of conventional finance with the dynamic world of crypto.

As we look ahead, Bitwise’s predictions for 2024 paint a picture of a crypto landscape brimming with potential and very exciting transformation. So, fasten your seatbelts, people! It’s going to be an electrifying ride in the world of crypto!

Disclaimer: The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decision.

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