Robyn Lawley Exposes the Use of Artificial Intelligence in the Fashion Industry


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  • Model Robyn Lawley unveils AI’s role in fashion, sparking concerns about the industry’s reliance on artificial models.
  • AI-generated models raise questions about diversity and the future of human involvement in fashion.
  • Robyn Lawley’s petition calls for collective action to address the impact of AI on the fashion industry.

Australian model Robyn Lawley has brought attention to the fashion industry’s increasing reliance on artificial intelligence (AI) for creating models and images. Lawley, 33, took to Instagram to share a series of AI-generated likenesses of herself, expressing her concerns about the implications of AI’s image-generating capabilities.

Robyn Lawley’s revelations

In a recent Instagram post, Robyn Lawley unveiled AI-generated images that closely resembled her, shedding light on the growing role of artificial intelligence in the modelling industry. The model, known for her pioneering work in the world of “plus-size” modelling, expressed her deep concerns about the impact of AI on the industry.

The rise of AI-generated models

Lawley’s post highlighted that AI can now create models virtually indistinguishable from real humans. These AI models possess unique appearances and voices and maintain active social media profiles. What’s more, some AI models are reportedly earning substantial incomes, rivalling or even surpassing human models in the fashion industry.

The transformation of the fashion industry

Robyn Lawley pointed out that the fashion industry’s use of AI goes beyond traditional retouching and body modifications through Photoshop. Some major companies, like Levi’s, have openly admitted to using AI models to complement human models, claiming it enhances the diversity of their models. This raises questions about whether these companies could achieve the same diversity by hiring human models and challenging the need for AI-generated ones.

Robyn Lawley’s call to action

Concerned about the implications of AI for everyone involved in the fashion industry, Lawley called on her 295,000 Instagram followers to support her petition. Her petition addresses the broader impact of AI in the industry, affecting not only models but also makeup artists, photographers, stylists, and other professionals. Lawley believes that the fashion industry must confront these issues collectively.

Robyn Lawley: A trailblazer in the industry

Groundbreaking achievements have marked Robyn Lawley’s modelling career. She first gained recognition in 2006 when she appeared in the teen magazine Dolly. At 18, she transitioned into “plus-size” modelling, significantly increasing her workload and appealing to a broader audience. In 2011, she became the first “plus-size” model to feature in Vogue Australia’s editorial fashion spread, marking a significant milestone in the magazine’s 52-year history. Robyn’s international modelling career includes appearances on the covers of prestigious publications such as Vogue Italia, Elle France, and GQ Australia.

Robyn Lawley’s revelation about the use of artificial intelligence in the modelling industry has ignited a crucial discussion about the future of fashion and its reliance on AI-generated models. Her concerns about the complete fabrication of nonhuman models, alongside the potential impact on diversity and the livelihoods of professionals in the industry, have resonated with many. Through her petition, Lawley’s call to action underscores the need for the fashion industry to address these issues collectively and ensure that the human element remains central to its identity and creativity. As AI continues to advance, it will be essential for stakeholders to consider the ethical, social, and artistic implications of its integration into the fashion world.

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