15 Forbes Coaches Share How AI in Coaching Transforms Their Games

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  • AI revolutionizes coaching practices, enhancing effectiveness and efficiency. 
  • Coaches experiment with AI tools to streamline operations and gain valuable insights. #InnovativeCoaching
  • Forbes Coaches Council members share intriguing results of integrating AI in coaching.

Professional coaches are embracing artificial intelligence (AI) as a cutting-edge approach to enhance their coaching effectiveness and bring positive transformations to their client’s lives. Integrating AI in coaching practices streamlines operations, augments skills, and offers valuable insights. Here, 15 Forbes Coaches Council members share their experiences experimenting with AI and the intriguing results they have achieved.

15 Forbes Coaches council members share Intriguing results

1. Wordsmithing core value statements

Glenn Grant from Selfassembled Ventures highlights the power of AI in wordsmithing core value statements. While the client still engages in core value development exercises, AI, particularly ChatGPT, significantly expedites polishing the core value statements, resulting in eloquent and impactful values ready for immediate use.

2. Prompting ourselves to think in new ways

Nick Leighton from Exactly Where You Want to Be emphasizes that AI is not a finished result but an augmenting tool. AI aids in generating reports, session summaries, and research analysis, prompting coaches to think in new and creative ways to deliver strategic and effective results.

3. Rewriting emails to add tone and context

Michelle Rockwood of Unscripted Sales shares a time-saving AI hack for rewriting emails with a specific tone and word count. Using ChatGPT, she produces phenomenal results that add context, eliminating the need for a copywriter or freelancer.

4. Generating relevant role-play scenarios

Justin Patton from The Trust Architect Group leverages AI to generate relevant role-play scenarios for his clients. ChatGPT assists in creating lists of vague expectations and then regenerating them into clear expectations, saving time and providing a starting point for discussion.

5. Assisting with recommendations and résumés

Kelly Huang from Coach Kelly Huang has found AI to help check job descriptions against a client’s résumé, identifying ways to enhance the match. Additionally, AI aids in drafting LinkedIn recommendations for coaching colleagues, providing a head start that can be further personalized.

6. Generating answers to common coaching questions

Chris Averill of Northford Capital finds ChatGPT a valuable tool for generating concise, easy-to-understand answers to common coaching questions. It challenges coaches to distill their responses into shorter formats, improving communication.

7. Providing accessibility, accuracy, and accountability

Farshad Asl from Top Leaders, Inc. appreciates AI’s accessibility, accuracy, and accountability in his coaching practice. AI streamlines scheduling manages data, and personalizes training, enhancing the effectiveness of the coaching process.

8. Using generative text to speed up outline creation

John Knotts from Crosscutter Enterprises uses AI generative text to expedite the creation of outlines. For instance, HR coaches can generate a comprehensive list of top HR challenges specific to an industry, providing a foundation for elaboration.

9. Helping clients struggling with writing tasks

Micha Goebig of Go Big Coaching & Communications, LLC, utilizes AI to support clients in writing tasks, such as brainstorming webinar titles or summarizing events for newsletters and social media. It also assists in breaking the paralysis of procrastination by drafting emails clients are dreading.

10. Understanding clients’ challenges; tracking progress

Thomas Lim from Technicorum Holdings integrates AI into his coaching practice to better understand clients’ challenges and track their progress. AI predicts potential outcomes of different strategies, facilitating informed decision-making and enriching clients’ experiences.

11. Analyzing data more efficiently and accurately

Peter Boolkah from The Transition Guy uses AI to analyze data efficiently and gain better insights. AI helps understand how clients feel and respond to situations, enabling personalized advice beyond generic solutions.

12. Streamlining and leveling up content production

Alina Trigubenko from Profi employs AI tools like GrammarlyGO, AI note-takers, and ChatGPT to streamline content production and improve writing. AI-integrated platforms are on the horizon, allowing her to serve more clients and be a better coach.

13. Exploring concepts and finding additional sources

Philip Liebman from ALPS Leadership enjoys using AI, such as Grammarly, Bard, and ChatGPT, for exploring concepts and finding additional sources to broaden his perspective and discover new ideas. However, he doesn’t use AI directly in coaching.

14. Sparking creativity to come up with new ideas

Asia Bribiesca-Hedin from Bridgewell LLC Professional Services uses ChatGPT to explore less-known metaphors and parables to clarify leadership principles for her clients. It serves as a creative spark for new workshop formats and activities.

15. Assisting with research; checking for mistakes

Alla Adam from Alla Adam Coaching values AI as a reliable research assistant, delivering detailed results and identifying connections between seemingly unrelated topics. It is also helpful for reviewing startup pitch decks and checking for common mistakes.

AI integration transforms coaching practices, making them more efficient, insightful, and impactful. Coaches use AI for wordsmithing, generating scenarios, assisting with writing tasks, and gaining valuable insights from data analysis. AI proves to be a valuable tool for coaches, supplementing their expertise and enriching the coaching process for their clients.

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