Zimbabwe’s AI Challenge: Harnessing a $7 Trillion Opportunity


  • Zimbabwe must actively engage with artificial intelligence (AI) to benefit from its potential to add US$7 trillion to the global economy.
  • AI poses challenges like job displacement, requiring strategic adaptation, and workforce reskilling in Zimbabwe.
  • Alongside economic benefits, Zimbabwe needs to balance AI’s risks, ensuring ethical use and managing existential threats.

In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping global economies, Zimbabwe stands at a crossroads. With AI set to contribute an estimated US$7 trillion to the world economy in the next decade, the nation’s engagement with this transformative technology is not just an option but a necessity.

Economic leap through AI

The impact of AI on the global economic landscape is undeniable. Its applications, ranging from expert systems to natural language processing and machine vision, are revolutionizing industries. For countries like Zimbabwe, this technological evolution presents a unique opportunity to boost productivity and efficiency across various sectors, including healthcare and finance.

Arthur Mutambara, a professor of robotics and former Deputy Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, emphasized the significance of AI during the “In Conversation with Trevor” Ideas Festival in Nyanga. He pointed out the dual nature of AI as both a prodigious opportunity and a formidable challenge for African nations. His message was clear: to harness the full potential of AI, African countries must transition from mere consumers to active producers and innovators in the AI space.

The AI challenge: Adaptation and skills development

The advent of AI is not without its challenges. One of the most pressing concerns is the displacement of traditional jobs. Mutambara addressed this, underscoring the need for strategic thinking and adaptation. He advocated for a proactive approach in which Zimbabwe embraces the disruptive nature of AI, viewing it as a catalyst for new job creation and a prompt for reskilling the workforce.

The transformation brought about by AI extends beyond mere economic metrics. It demands a reevaluation of skills and capabilities, pushing countries like Zimbabwe to foster an environment where learning and adaptation are continuous. This shift is crucial for remaining competitive in an increasingly AI-driven world.

Balancing opportunities and risks

While the economic benefits of AI are substantial, Mutambara also highlighted its existential risks. The concern revolves around AI systems becoming so advanced that they surpass human intelligence, potentially leading to scenarios where human control over these systems becomes questionable. This underscores the importance of a balanced approach where the development of AI is coupled with ethical considerations and risk management strategies.

For Zimbabwe, the path forward involves the adoption of AI technologies and an understanding of their broader implications. It’s about preparing for a future where AI is integral to every aspect of life while ensuring these advancements serve the greater good.

As Zimbabwe navigates its journey through the AI revolution, the focus should be on strategic engagement with AI technologies, fostering innovation, and preparing the workforce for the new AI-modified career landscape. With thoughtful planning and execution, Zimbabwe can leverage AI to enhance its economic standing and secure a position as a forward-thinking, tech-savvy nation on the African continent. The journey is complex and filled with challenges, but the potential rewards make it an essential path to pursue for a prosperous future.

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