BRICS shakeup: Yuan outshines Dollar as dominant currency in Russian trades


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  • As the BRICS war takes prominence in an aim towards financial freedom and trade from the United States Dollar, the Chinese Yuan is now the dominant trade currency in Russia.
  • China and Russia have forged a strong relationship through BRICS, including technological advancement, energy, trade, and are motivated to find an escape from US sanctions.
  • Within the BRICS ecosystem, reports have it that India has been reluctant to use the Yuan as their major currency. 

The world of international finance is in a constant evolution as the balance in major currencies shifts. A notable scenario is the growing attention on the Chinese Yuan that has dominated the US Dollar. Yuan is currently the most traded currency in the region of Russia and some of the BRICS countries.

This development has influenced a significant milestone for the BRICS group which entails a number of 5 countries that have merged in light of economic development and the international monetary system. Moreover, the Yuan dominance can be attributed to various factors. 

Yuan dominating USD in Rusaia

Also referred to as the Renminbi (RMB), the Chinese Yuan has made huge developments in its trade in Russia’s financial market. The trend has been fostered by a set of factors, the most prominent one being the growing economy between China and Russia. 

The two regions have forged a strong relationship through BRICS and have formed partnerships, including technological advancement, energy, and trade. One specific collaboration is the de-dollarization of their parent economies. This has seen both regions looking for alternatives to the US dollar. 

The major reason for this proposal is having protection from US sanctions and imperfect regulations that have added to the economic pressures of the countries. As such, one major reason for Yuan dominating the USD is this unified Russia-China currency swap project. 

The development has favored both countries in conducting trade using their national currencies, disregarding the need for USD as an intermediary. Following this deal, Russia has sought to conduct its trades using the Chinese Yuan, even in their foreign exchange reserves. 

Both China and Russia have agreed to a $25 billion local currencies deal. Additionally, the Rouble grain agreement is the largest transaction among the two major countries, totaling 2.5 trillion. This has strengthened their vision of lessening USD global confidence. 

The Chinese Yuan is the most traded currency in Russia based on BRICS efforts to attain financial freedom from the US Dollar. As the group expands to 6 regions, the issue of which currency to use has been raised. According to recent developments, one currency has topped the list, answering to the much-needed clarity. 

BRICS significant milestone

Bloomberg has confirmed the developments on the Yuan being the dominant currency in Russia. The report explains how major businesses in Russia have opted to use Yuan over USD. However, the report specifically suggests that India, a member of BRICS, has been reluctant to use Yuan as their major currency. 

This can be evidenced by the delayed payments on oil refineries because of Yuan’s involvement in the trade exchange. 

In attempts to disregard USD as an intermediary, BRICS records the Yuan’s dominance as a win. These regions have a common vision and in order to affirm their proceedings on de-dollarizing their economy. 

Among the advantages brought by Yuan’s dominance in Russia is reduced exposure to the USD’s volatility. The US Dollar is the world’s primary currency, and as such, it is subject to market fluctuations fostered by factors including US economic policies.

In diversifying its currency into Yuan, Russia can enjoy the merits of mitigating risks involved in Dollar-centric trading. According to BRICS, this development is a part of a broader international monetary system transformation. Its members, including Brazil, South Africa, India, China, and Russia, have all been at the forefront of advocating for a diverse multipolar world order. 

Among the developments of the bloc is exploring various alternatives to traditional financial mechanisms. This has included the New Department of Banking combined with the Contingent Reserve Arrangement. These projects have affirmed protection against financial crises. Yuan’s dominance over the USD further shows the progress of BRICS in achieving their vision. 

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