XRPL community pushes for democratic evolution


  • XRPL community seeks democratic governance with the CTO’s backing.
  • Fuelling’s proposal enhances XRPL Foundation’s transparency.
  • Inclusive dialogue drives XRPL governance changes, and community-engaged

In a recent development within the cryptocurrency space, Ripple‘s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), David Schwartz, has publicly expressed his support for a new governance proposal aimed at the XRPL Foundation. 

This move signals a push towards greater transparency and inclusivity within the XRPL (XRP Ledger) community, to evolve its governance structure.

Community-driven evolution of XRPL governance

David Schwartz has clarified his stance on the new governance proposal put forth by David Fuelling, a member of the XRPL community. Schwartz describes this proposal as a “straw man” designed to stimulate open dialogue and gather diverse suggestions from the XRPL community. He emphasizes the importance of community input in shaping the future of XRPL governance.

Schwartz highlights that the proposal does not require any special permissions to be presented, as it welcomes contributions from any member of the XRPL community. By endorsing David Fuelling’s proposal, Schwartz underlines its intent to make XRPL governance more transparent and inclusive. 

The proposed changes aim to create a more democratic framework, inviting active participation from the community in the evolution of the XRPL Foundation.

Addressing community concerns

In response to concerns within the XRPL community about the timing and motivation behind the proposal, David Fuelling provides clarity. He explains that the proposal is a response to a long-standing sentiment within the community, seeking a more impactful voice in XRPL’s affairs. Fuelling’s vision is rooted in the principles of decentralization and democratic organization, as he proposes changes to the XRPL Foundation’s governance structure.

Fuelling emphasizes that his proposal should not be seen as a critique of the current governance model but rather as a personal vision to enhance the existing structure. 

His vision includes establishing a clearer membership model and sustainable funding mechanisms. He envisions transforming the XRPL Foundation into a more inclusive and member-governed entity.

Transparent community engagement

Importantly, Fuelling shared his proposal with XRPL Foundation leaders and developers before making it public. This deliberate step demonstrates his commitment to engaging the community in transparent dialogue rather than keeping discussions behind closed doors. 

Fuelling is focused on ensuring that the proposal aligns with the community’s values and the overarching purpose of the XRPL Foundation.

While concerns have been raised regarding the implications of the proposal, Fuelling maintains that the primary goal is to enable sustainable funding for the XRPL Foundation without compromising its integrity. 

He calls for a collective effort to refine the proposal, aiming to achieve alignment with the community’s ethos and the foundation’s mission.

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