XRP ETF speculation rises after BlackRock CEO comment

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  • BlackRock CEO Larry Fink made a significant comment on the potential for an XRP ETF during an interview with FOX’s Charles Gasparino.
  • Fink’s non-committal response to questions about a BlackRock XRP ETF has sparked speculation and interest within the XRP community.
  • The XRP community and market analysts interpret Fink’s statement as a cautious move to avoid premature influence on the XRP market.


In recent developments in cryptocurrency and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), BlackRock CEO Larry Fink has commented noteworthy about the potential for an XRP ETF. This statement was made during an interview with FOX senior correspondent Charles Gasparino, amidst growing interest in cryptocurrency-based ETFs following the U.S. regulator’s approval of a Bitcoin spot ETF.

BlackRock’s stance on XRP ETF

When questioned about the possibility of BlackRock launching an ETF centered on XRP, Larry Fink said, “I can’t talk about that.” This response has garnered significant attention within the XRP community. Despite its ambiguity, many enthusiasts interpret Fink’s neither confirmatory nor dismissive reply as a hint towards potential consideration of an XRP ETF.

This speculation is further fueled by BlackRock’s prior move to submit for an Ethereum-based ETF. The careful wording of Fink’s statement has been noted by market analysts like Tony Edward of the Thinking Crypto podcast, who sees this as a cautious approach to avoid influencing the XRP market prematurely.

The conversation around an XRP ETF extends beyond BlackRock. A senior executive from Valkyrie, a company authorized to list a Bitcoin ETF, has also mentioned the possibility of an XRP ETF. The executive highlighted the industry’s unpredictability, despite not confirming Valkyrie’s intent to file for such an ETF. This discussion arises in the context of Grayscale’s recent reinstatement of XRP, indicating a growing interest in the asset.

Conversely, some prominent figures in the cryptocurrency community hold different views on the necessity and relevance of an XRP ETF. Versan Aljarrah, the founder of Black Swan Capitalist, argues that XRP’s design as a currency makes its inclusion in an ETF less pertinent. Aljarrah suggests that crypto spot ETFs, in general, could lead to institutional corruption. This view adds a layer of complexity to the ongoing discussion about the future role of cryptocurrencies in traditional financial products like ETFs.

Implications and market reaction

The market’s response to Larry Fink’s comment and the broader conversation about an XRP ETF indicates the increasing interplay between the traditional financial sector and the evolving world of cryptocurrencies. BlackRock’s consideration, whether in progress or potential, of an XRP ETF signals a noteworthy shift in how major financial players view digital currencies.

Additionally, the reaction from the XRP community and market analysts to Fink’s statement highlights the sensitivity of the cryptocurrency market to news and speculation. As the sector continues to mature, the integration of cryptocurrencies into conventional investment products like ETFs is a trend that warrants close monitoring. This integration reflects the growing acceptance of digital currencies and raises questions about market dynamics, regulatory challenges, and the potential impact on individual cryptocurrencies such as XRP.

While Larry Fink’s comment on an XRP ETF was non-committal, it opens doors to further speculation and interest in the intersection of cryptocurrency and traditional financial instruments. As the market awaits more concrete developments, the discourse around XRP ETFs continues to underscore the evolving nature of the investment landscape in the digital age.

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