Worldcoin (WLD) Whitepaper: AI-funded Universal Basic Income (UBI) Possibilities

Envisioned within the pages of its detailed whitepaper, Worldcoin unveils a platform that is as much about forging a new benchmark for digital identity as it is about enhancing financial access across continents. At its core, Worldcoin is an innovative venture that merges “proof of personhood” with digital currency. It sets the stage for a secure, democratic digital realm where every person’s identity is unique and verifiable.

The whitepaper presents Worldcoin’s ambitious goal: to democratize the ownership of a financial network that is expansive and inclusive. This initiative transcends the mere creation of a new cryptocurrency; it is an endeavor to establish a groundbreaking identity verification layer for the internet capable of distinguishing real human users from automated entities. This distinction is crucial for enabling various functionalities, from secure online voting to the fair distribution of resources. Worldcoin also explores possibilities for Universal Basic Income (UBI) funded by AI, which has the potential to greatly improve global economic opportunities and enable private, secure online interactions.

Take note that the project Worldcoin (small “c” in “coin”) was reportedly founded in 2019 by OpenAI chief executive Sam Altman, Max Novendstern, and Alex Blania and backed by VC Andreessen Horowitz. The network’s token is WLD. Its distinction is the ORB which created both curiosity and fear because of its mysterious “function and intention”. Read more to know what users can expect from purchasing WLD.

The Genesis of Worldcoin

The architects of Worldcoin are a cadre of seasoned professionals whose expertise spans the tech and financial sectors, infused with a pioneering spirit of entrepreneurship. Their shared conviction is that the cornerstones of the digital age—cryptocurrency and identity verification—should be accessible to everyone as a right, not a privilege. The whitepaper is a testament to their dedication to harnessing the power of blockchain to enrich lives while fortifying users’ privacy against the burgeoning tide of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Later documents show that the Worldcoin Foundation is “memberless”; it has no owners or shareholders. It is governed by a Board with three Directors, Chris “W” Waclawek, Phillip Sippl, and another Cayman Islands-based professional director.

At the heart of this revolution is a growing problem: distinguishing genuine human presence from synthetic entities online. The surge of automated bots and AI-driven interactions has cast a shadow over the authenticity of digital personas, raising stakes in security, democratic governance, and resource distribution. The Worldcoin whitepaper confronts this issue, championing the imperative for a robust “proof of personhood”—a mechanism that confirms the identity of internet users as natural and distinct individuals without infringing on their privacy or personal data.

World ID: A New Paradigm for Digital Identity

“Proof of personhood” is pivotal to the Worldcoin ecosystem, addressing a global challenge that has persisted without a solution—verifying individual human existence online. The whitepaper explains that proof of personhood is about confirming that an individual is both human and unique. This verification enables people to assert their realness and distinctiveness in the digital realm without revealing their identity. As AI technology advances, distinguishing real human users from bots becomes increasingly complex. Worldcoin’s whitepaper argues that reliable proof of personhood is necessary to maintain the integrity of online interactions, from voting to value distribution.

At the heart of World ID’s technology are zero-knowledge proofs and a custom biometric device called the Orb. Zero-knowledge proofs allow World ID users to demonstrate their humanness and uniqueness without compromising privacy. The Orb, a sophisticated piece of hardware, provides AI-resistant verification of personhood by using multispectral imaging to confirm the presence of a live, unique human. According to the whitepaper, Orb’s design uses the understanding that custom biometric hardware may be the only long-term viable solution for issuing secure and private proof of personhood verifications.

The World ID system is such that it ensures that while users can prove their humanity to any verifier, their personal information remains protected. The whitepaper emphasizes that World ID’s issuance on the Worldcoin protocol allows individuals to maintain anonymity by using zero-knowledge proofs. This method ensures that personal data is not at risk of exposure during the verification process, addressing one of the most significant concerns in the digital age—data privacy.

World ID enables fair airdrops, protects against bots and Sybil attacks, and facilitates the equitable distribution of resources. By providing a Sybil-resistant proof of personhood, World ID also opens up new possibilities for democratic governance and the fair governance of AI, as outlined in the whitepaper. The World ID system is person-bound, ensuring that IDs are challenging to misuse by fraudulent actors and can be reclaimed by their rightful owners if lost or stolen. This secure and private verification system is integral to the vision of connecting everyone to a global digital economy and financial system.

The Worldcoin Token (WLD)

The Worldcoin token (WLD) is a medium of exchange and a tool for verifying identity and enabling democratic participation. The whitepaper describes WLD as a digital asset that every human can claim simply by being verified as unique through the World ID system. This approach fosters a network that is as inclusive as it is expansive, ensuring that every person has a stake in the digital future.

The whitepaper details the tokens allocation to network participants, aligning incentives and catalyzing the network’s expansion. This distribution is particularly crucial in the early stages to overcome the “cold start problem” and to set the stage for Worldcoin to become one of the most widely held digital assets. By incentivizing participation through token distribution, Worldcoin bootstraps a robust and vibrant ecosystem from the outset.

Worldcoin’s economic model assumes a secure currency should promote growth and inclusivity. The whitepaper elaborates on the incentive structures for various network participants, including users, developers, and Orb operators. For users, the incentive comes in the form of WLD tokens, which they receive upon proving their personhood. Developers are encouraged to build on the Worldcoin platform, creating applications that leverage the unique features of World ID. Orb operators facilitating the verification process receive rewards for expanding the network’s reach. This multi-faceted incentive system creates a self-sustaining economy where all participants are motivated to contribute to the network’s health and expansion.

World App: The Gateway to Worldcoin

The journey to a verified digital identity begins with the simplicity of the World App. They invite users to download the app, which guides them to obtaining a World ID through the Orb—a state-of-the-art biometric verification device. The Orb’s cutting-edge technology is such that it ascertains the uniqueness and presence of a live individual, granting an Orb-verified World ID. This verification process works on a privacy foundation, with a default setting that ensures immediate deletion of personal biometric data, embodying user consent and data protection standards.

The World App is synonymous with security, embedding advanced cryptographic protocols to safeguard user privacy. It leverages zero-knowledge proof technology to confirm user identity without divulging personal details, maintaining the delicate balance between verification and privacy. This approach to digital identity protection not only upholds the anonymity of users but also fortifies the integrity of the digital ecosystem against fraud and misuse. The app’s commitment to privacy is a testament to its role as a pioneer in establishing trust and safety for digital interactions and financial transactions.

Operational Mechanics of Worldcoin

Worldcoin’s operational process begins with user onboarding through the World App, where individuals download the app and proceed to an Orb for live verification. The Orb’s role is to use multispectral imaging to verify a person’s uniqueness and humanness, which is crucial for issuing a World ID. Once verified, users receive Worldcoin tokens (WLD), which they can use within the network. The workflow ensures that the distribution of WLD is fair and protected against fraudulent activities such as bots and Sybil attacks.

Orb Operators are essential to the Worldcoin ecosystem, serving as the physical touchpoints for user verification. These operators are typically local businesses that host the Orb and facilitate the verification process. They play a critical role in expanding the network’s reach and ensuring the integrity of the verification process. The whitepaper outlines the importance of these operators in maintaining a decentralized and accessible network.

Worldcoin integrates with existing financial systems and web platforms, allowing a seamless transition between traditional and digital economies. The World App and World ID facilitate this integration by providing a secure and private way for users to prove their identity online. This capability will pave the way for a host of applications, including fair airdrops, governance, and the distribution of resources.

Applications and Implications

Worldcoin has the potential to significantly impact global financial inclusion by making digital money and identity verification accessible to everyone; this could democratize financial transactions and contribute to more equitable global governance. The whitepaper emphasizes the potential for Worldcoin to support democratic processes such as voting and collective decision-making transformed by reliable proof of personhood.

The future roadmap for Worldcoin includes expanding its applications to support a path to AI-funded Universal Basic Income (UBI) and other novel forms of governance and economic interaction. The whitepaper envisions a future where Worldcoin’s infrastructure supports a wide range of services and benefits, contributing to a more inclusive and equitable global society.

Financial Inclusion and the Digital Economy

Worldcoin is poised to transform the financial landscape by providing a universally accessible digital currency and identity system. The whitepaper outlines how Worldcoin enables instant, borderless financial transactions, making digital money available to everyone. This system connects people financially globally and enhances the safety and integrity of money transfers. For instance, during the COVID relief efforts in India, Worldcoin’s framework facilitated the rapid collection and distribution of over $400 million, showcasing the platform’s potential for efficient crisis management and aid distribution.

Case Studies: Crisis Management and Aid Distribution

The whitepaper highlights case studies where Worldcoin could play a transformative role. In crises like the Ukrainian refugee crisis, where USDC was used to distribute aid, Worldcoin could provide a more secure and immediate means of financial support. The platform’s ability to prevent fraudulent claims and ensure equitable distribution of resources is precious in developing economies. For example, India’s implementation of a biometric-based system saved over $500 million in subsidy programs by reducing fraud—a testament to the potential efficiency gains through Worldcoin’s proof of personhood.

Democratic Governance Through World ID

World ID, as part of the Worldcoin ecosystem, offers a Sybil-resistant proof of personhood that could revolutionize global democratic governance. World ID lays the groundwork for fair and transparent collective decision-making processes by ensuring each individual is unique after verification. This system could mitigate current governance models’ bias towards those with economic power, allowing for a more democratic and inclusive approach to global governance.

The whitepaper delves into quadratic voting as an innovative method implemented within Worldcoin’s framework. This voting system allows individuals to cast votes proportional to the intensity of their preferences rather than just a single vote per issue. It is a more nuanced way of reflecting the collective will and could be a game-changer for decision-making in web3 and broader internet governance.

Combining Finance with Digital Identity

Worldcoin heralds a new chapter in financial security by marrying financial operations with verified digital identities. The initiative’s documentation details a system where every monetary exchange is anchored to a proven human profile, mitigating the risk of automated fraud and impersonation. This marriage of finance and identity verification will likely enhance transaction safety and reliability, offering a fortified digital economy accessible to all.

The strategy behind Worldcoin’s network is to create an environment where deceptive practices are naturally discouraged, and every participant’s motives align with the collective growth of the platform. By granting tokens to verified users, Worldcoin incentivizes real human engagement, laying the groundwork for a thriving and secure digital economy. This foundational alignment is critical for the network’s initial vitality and long-term sustainability.

Pioneering the Future of Digital Identity Verification

The quest for a foolproof digital identity system is fraught with challenges, especially in the face of sophisticated AI that can mimic human behavior. Worldcoin’s whitepaper presents the Orb technology as a pioneering solution to this global issue, offering a method to authenticate individuality without compromising privacy.

The ethical deployment of digital identity technology carries significant weight in Worldcoin’s vision, potentially reshaping economic distribution models. The platform’s commitment to proof of personhood could be instrumental in administering Universal Basic Income (UBI), aiming to level the economic playing field and foster a more equitable world economy.


Worldcoin’s blueprint for a digitally inclusive future is expected to redefine the economic landscape. It’s a platform where the fusion of verified identities and financial transactions promises a more secure and equitable world. The integration of World ID and the World App, coupled with the Worldcoin token’s utility, underscores a commitment to a universally accessible economy. Looking ahead, the potential success of Worldcoin may offer a model for combining cutting-edge technology with a focus on enhancing human dignity and economic opportunity. 


What makes WorldCoin different from other cryptocurrencies?

WorldCoin is unique in integrating a proof of personhood system to distribute cryptocurrency, aiming to provide a fair and inclusive platform for global economic participation.

Can WorldCoin be exchanged for other currencies?

Yes, WorldCoin is exchangeable for other currencies, facilitating seamless transactions in the global economy.

Is the World App available on all devices?

The World App is widely accessible, though specific availability may vary based on device compatibility and regional access at launch.

Does WorldCoin have measures to ensure sustainability?

WorldCoin incorporates economic models and incentive structures to promote long-term sustainability and growth within its ecosystem.

How does WorldCoin plan to maintain the value of its currency?

A carefully designed token economy, network utility, and a growing base of users and transactions that drive demand maintain WorldCoin’s value.

What are the future developments expected in the WorldCoin ecosystem?

Future developments include expanding the network's applications, enhancing the platform's infrastructure, and exploring new avenues for using World ID in various sectors.

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