Worldcoin Addresses Compliance Amidst Legal Uncertainty in Spain


  • Worldcoin follows laws, stops minors, and protects data, even amid bans like in Spain.
  • Despite Spain’s ban, Worldcoin stays secure and lawful, aiming for global compliance.
  • Led by OpenAI CEO, Worldcoin works to give digital identity, but it is facing hurdles but aiming to restart in Kenya.

Worldcoin, the global digital identity and cryptocurrency project, has reiterated its commitment to operating lawfully and in compliance with regulations in all jurisdictions where it is available. In response to recent legal uncertainties in Spain, the project released a statement emphasizing its adherence to data protection laws and regulations.

A clear statement on regulatory compliance

In a blog post titled “Essential facts about Worldcoin,” the project highlighted its dedication to full compliance with laws and regulations governing data collection and transfer. Worldcoin emphasized that its operations are conducted per major global data protection frameworks such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe and Argentina’s Personal Data Protection Act.

The project’s compliance efforts extend to user verification, with Worldcoin prohibiting minors from joining the platform. Each user is required to confirm their age through the World App before undergoing verification. Additionally, Worldcoin asserted that it does not, has not, and will not sell personal data, including biometric information.

Emphasis on data security and self-custody

Worldcoin underlined the self-custodial nature of its World ID and World App, ensuring that users retain control over their data. The platform’s security measures, including advanced features embedded in its hardware, are designed to safeguard user information from unauthorized access.

The statement from Worldcoin comes after regulatory actions in Spain, where the Spanish Agency for the Protection of Data issued a temporary ban on the platform’s operations. Despite Worldcoin’s efforts to contest the ban, a local court ruled against the project, prompting further scrutiny of its operations in the country.

The Worldcoin Foundation expressed disappointment with the actions of the Spanish data protection authority, criticizing what it deemed as a circumvention of established procedures under the GDPR. Despite the setback in Spain, Worldcoin remains committed to addressing regulatory challenges and ensuring compliance with data protection laws.

Background on Worldcoin

Founded by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, Worldcoin aims to establish digital identification and ownership for every individual worldwide. Launched officially in July 2023, the project has faced regulatory hurdles, including a ban in Kenya over concerns regarding data privacy and protection.

In response to the ban in Kenya, Worldcoin has been engaged in discussions with the government to resume operations in 2024, underscoring its commitment to collaboration and regulatory compliance.

Worldcoin’s recent statement underscores its dedication to legal compliance and data protection amid regulatory uncertainties. As the project navigates challenges in Spain and other jurisdictions, it remains focused on upholding the highest regulatory compliance standards and user privacy.

With its emphasis on self-custody, data security, and adherence to global data protection frameworks, Worldcoin continues to pursue its mission of enabling digital identification and ownership for individuals worldwide, guided by principles of transparency and accountability.

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