Why Is Max Property Group In A “Different Indian Roadshow”

Fresh from the signing of an MOU with AssetStream, Mark Lloyd arrived in Mumbai on April 30, energized for meetings to be held all this week with potential investors, accountants, developers, and other professional groups, in Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Coimbatore, dubbed as a “Different Roadshow.

Karnika E. Yashwant (a.k.a Mr. KEY) took another forward step by using the full resources of KEY Difference Media, in organizing meetings for Max Property Group’s Managing Director, Mark Lloyd, to explore potential business partnerships and opportunities in one of the World’s fastest growing economies.

KEY Difference Media always moves from point 1 to point 2 in the shortest way possible, to make everyone’s time productive. Mr. KEY has defined a very unique process for productively converting meetings with investors. Aware that investors are time-conscious and so, he needed to balance to make the meetings a win-win proposition. His team has taken on the responsibility to screen and take the best projects in.

Values come first

Taking him aside in one of the lulls during the meetings, I hastily scribbled while he explains the rationale behind his “Different Roadshow”. His screening process keeps in mind the value that everyone receives. From an investor’s standpoint, he wants either to invest in unique projects or one that gets him better profits over time. Thus, he finds it essential to screen the projects that come to KEY Difference Media, stating,

“Our screening process ensures that the project has a strong foundation and a team composed of real experts in their particular roles, not just faces who may not be actually part of the project. As we screen off weak projects and narrow down to strong, viable projects, investors are likely to invest more.”

He has in his “hot list” people with government connections who know what’s the procedure with government contracts and licenses. Also, among his selection is someone from a particular market who can assist with the market expansion of the product. For example, someone from the Chinese market can help with an overseas connection. The possibilities depend on what the client wants. Every project can always find an investor with the relevant experience and background, not just with finances.

Insider information is very crucial

KEY Difference Media relies on more layers to check the investors using our ties with the Government of India (GOI) and local banks to check the prospect’s cash flows. Insider information is very crucial in verifying finance metrics. Mr. KEY sees no point in wasting precious time trying to sell to someone who is paper rich, but cash flow or liquidity poor.

Mr. KEY explains,

“All over India, people have different language and culture, but we know how all functions, which convert as strength to talk in their language or using their cultural references. You can see that localization comes handy and crucial to your project’s success.”

KEY Difference Media’s Private Placement Support is built on top of experience and vast high-level network across the crypto space. It facilitates access to exclusive roadshows, selected events and private networks culled from deep industry knowledge and relationships.