The 1.7 Billion Unbanked Will Be Able To Invest In PropertyBacked Security Tokens

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Max Property Group Signs Collaboration Agreement with AssetStream
Giving Developing World Citizens Equal Investment Opportunities

Max Property Group (MPG), a group of real estate professionals working to make property investing safer, cheaper and easier, closed ranks with AssetStream (AS), a microfinance platform serving customers in the developing world. Together they are using technologies such as Blockchain and Cryptocurrency to even the playing field for investors across the globe.

Up until the turn of the century, financial institutions did not see value in serving those at the bottom of the economic pyramid. Then the tide changed. Giving customers in the developing world first class service is now a badge of honour many financial institutions wear with pride as they work towards bringing the unbanked population of approximately 1.7 billion around the globe into the financial system.

“Providing basic banking services in developing countries is not enough.  Everyone should have the same opportunities to make cross-border investments and grow their financial portfolios regardless of where they live.” says Thanin Piromward of AssetStream.

MPG and AS are working on a direct integration between Max Property Group’s & AssetStream’s blockchain platforms. This will allow the users of AssetStreamtoparticipate in Max Property Group’s investment opportunities directly from the AssetStream platform through security token swaps. The deployment is subjective to regional laws and regulations and legal limitations faced by Max Property Group and AssetStream.

The companies aim to appeal to the developing world’s unbanked, or underbanked, population by providing investment opportunities previously unavailable to them.

“Until recently, developing world citizens could only invest in small local projects.  Thanks to distributed ledger technology, we can now offer products such as property investment funds to anyone, anywhere” says MPG’s Managing Director, Mark Lloyd.

Max Crowdfund is Max Property Group’s brainchild and began initial development in Q4 2017. MPG remain true to their expertise and believe in “bricks and mortar” investing, with property asset-backed products that meet a high level of investment criteria. The Max Crowdfund platform makes these traditional investments globally accessible and more affordable, placing them within reach of developing world investors.

AssetStream is a microfinance platform that leverages blockchain technology to “remove the middleman” from traditional small loans and allows users in the developing world to fund projects or borrow from each other, to mutual benefit.

A move towards social justice entrepreneurship

Both Max Property Group (MPG) and AssetStream (AS) recognise that there is sufficient synergy between the two companies to warrant a collaboration and cross-promotion of the individual businesses to grow their user bases, one that will benefit both communities and be of value to each other as they grow in the blockchain space and help to create a society that is based on equality, solidarity and dignity for each and every human being.

As Max Property Group and AssetStream collaborate, it is hoped that other financial institutions and investment groups will come to realize that the underbanked deserves their trust and attention.

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