Why exactly is Japan going after Google?

Tech giant Google under siege Monopoly trial looms

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  • Japan’s competition watchdog is investigating Google for potential antitrust violations related to mobile search practices.
  • The probe focuses on revenue-sharing agreements with Android manufacturers and possible prioritization of Google services on Android devices.
  • Google defends its practices, emphasizing Android’s open-source nature and user customization.

When the headlines scream of another tech behemoth under scrutiny, one has to pause and ask, “Why now? And more importantly, why them?” Japan, in its latest move, has turned its regulatory gaze towards Google, adding yet another layer of complexity to the giant’s global dance with antitrust watchdogs.

But why? What’s the core of Japan’s beef with the Silicon Valley powerhouse?

The Heart of the Matter: Search Practices & Revenue Sharing

It’s not about the popularity of the Android operating system, though that does play its part. Nor is it strictly about Google’s dominance in the tech space.

No, Japan’s concerns are laser-focused on something seemingly mundane yet critically powerful: search practices on mobile platforms.

Diving deeper, the Japan Fair Trade Commission is narrowing down its probe into whether Google has played a little too coy with Android smartphone manufacturers.

Did they strike deals to share the search ad loot, with the caveat that these manufacturers don’t flirt with rival search engines? Such agreements, if found, could drastically skew market competition, keeping rival platforms at bay.

But that’s not the end of it. Japan is also trying to ascertain if Google services have a VIP pass on Android phones. Are they being prioritized over others?

To ensure a comprehensive probe, the Japan FTC is opening its doors for third-party opinions, setting a deadline for the 22nd of November.

Google, on its part, swears by the “open-source” nature of Android. They boast of the platform’s diversity and flexibility, emphasizing how it allows users to tailor their devices as they see fit.

Echoes from the Past: Google’s Dance with Regulators

It would be naive to think that Japan’s move is isolated. Google’s Android, after all, dominates the mobile ecosystem with a whopping 80% market share.

And with great power comes great scrutiny. The company’s practices surrounding Android have been in the crosshairs of regulators globally.

Flashback to 2018, and the European Union slapped Google with a staggering 4.34 billion euro fine, accusing it of abusing Android’s supremacy.

The bone of contention? Google’s alleged arm-twisting of smartphone makers to bundle Google apps like Chrome and Search with its app store, Google Play. And while an appeal led to a slight reduction in the fine, the EU largely upheld the findings.

Across the pond, the U.S. Department of Justice took the baton, alleging that Google overstepped antitrust laws. The focal point? Google’s exclusive pacts with mobile phone manufacturers and browser creators to solidify its search engine as the default choice.

This trial, still underway, has become the tech world’s most significant antitrust face-off in the U.S. for decades. As Google navigates the choppy waters of global regulatory scrutiny, Japan’s latest move adds another dimension to the debate.

It underscores the need for tech giants to operate transparently, ensuring a level playing field for all stakeholders. While Google continues to defend its practices, one thing is clear: in the world of tech, dominance without accountability is a recipe for regulatory backlash.

And as Japan dives deeper into its investigation, the world watches, waits, and wonders. Will the outcome set a new precedent, or will it be business as usual? Only time will tell.

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