Why Buying Pizza With Crypto is No Longer a Million Dollar Mistake


You’ve probably already heard about how someone bought a pizza with 20 Bitcoin way back in the early days. Looking at today’s prices—that pizza ended up costing over a million dollars.

And that’s the main problem with crypto these days—most of the coins aren’t seen as spendable currencies. They’re seen as assets or investments. Most people getting into coins like Bitcoin have seen how much they’ve grown in recent years and want to be part of that. They don’t want to actually spend their coins. Why would they if they think it’s going to be worth loads more?

People who’ve bought a range of other cryptos also want them to go up massively in price. They don’t want to spend the next guy who spent a few coins on pizza that ended up costing them millions.

A currency you can spend

In the early days of crypto, it wasn’t about the huge future gains—it was about the project. People were interested in the benefits of digital currencies and enjoyed being part of something new. That’s why they were willing to spend 20 Bitcoin on a pizza. They clearly didn’t understand that it was going to skyrocket in price over the next few years, or they never would have wasted their coins.

But what about people who actually want to enjoy the benefits of digital currencies for everyday purchases? People who might want to spend their crypto on a pizza, but not have to worry about losing out on potential future gains.

You might be one of those people. And for people like that—the answer is with stablecoins, specifically Samecoin’s range of stablecoins like SameUSD.

These currencies are normally tied to the price of fiat currencies or commodities (although some are tied to the price of other cryptos). In SameUSD’s case, it’s pegged to a bundle of coins that ensures it retains an even more stable price even compared to other stablecoins.

And for people who want to use their digital currencies for things like pizza—it’s a far more reliable option. As one SameUSD always equals one USD, people who spend it won’t have to worry about major fluctuations. While we all know that USD fluctuates slightly in value, it’s nothing in comparison to the wild ride Bitcoin or other cryptos have been on.

You know that if you spend a dollar now, it’ll probably be worth a similar amount in a few years time, aside from a bit of inflation. That’s why SameUSD is a digital currency that people can use for pizza, whether they want pineapple on it or not.

A currency you can understand

And there’s another reason why SameUSD is perfect for normal people just like you. People who want to start using digital currencies but have been put off by huge price fluctuations and figures they simply don’t understand. Because SameUSD’s value is the same as USD—it makes it easy for anyone to understand. You don’t have to work out something to five decimal places, like if your purchase is listed at 0.00004 Bitcoin. A dollar is a dollar, and everyone understands that.

So with Samecoin’s family of stablecoins like SameUSD—buying pizza is no longer a million-dollar mistake. Finally, a crypto you can actually spend rather than sit on and hold.

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