Customer Support In Crypto Exchanges: What Must Be Done

With the hyper-bullish nature of cryptocurrency in the past few years, many  people are getting involved in the crypto world. As more  new customers are hitting the floor with no knowledge and experience in crypto trading, excellent  customer support acts as a great tool for them. If a cryptocurrency trading platform does not have high-quality customer support, it will not stay in the competition for a long time. Polite, fast, helpful, and transparent are some of the must-have customer support qualities to survive in the crypto market.

Parameters to measure the quality of a customer support

There are certain  basic, yet important metrics to judge customer support. Below are some of them.

  1. Reaction rate: Those days, when a week of waiting time was acceptable, are over. Nowadays, traders have many options to choose from, and hence, the faster the response , the better the customer. Generally, a waiting time lesser than 5 minutes is acceptable, but it leaves a highly negative impact on the user when it goes beyond that.
  2. Variety in communication mediums: Good customer support always has a bunch of communication options for their users. This shows , even if one channel fails, there are other channels to keep in touch, which increases the platform’s reliability.
  3. Helpful and provide data-oriented feedback: It is a big turn-off for any user not to get a transparent and helpful response to his/her problem. Customer support should be highly trained and helpful to avoid such situations.
  4. Politeness and calmness: Treating the customer with respect and care should be the priority of any platform. Users cannot tolerate rude and cold behavior when they are already stressed out due to their problem.
  5. Completeness of answer: A detailed answer in simple language should be the aim of any customer support; it helps users find a satisfactory solution to their problems. 

Why users love Aurix Customer support

Aurix has one of the fastest and most helpful customer support. The team responds in a maximum of two minutes. Some of the qualities of customer support of Aurix are:

  1. Fastest response: In the world of crypto trading, where everything is fast at the speed of light, Aurix customer support reaction time is unbeatable. The team responds in a maximum of two minutes, which always leaves the customer feeling perfectly served.
  2. 24/7 communication through chat, call, and email: There are various channels through which users can contact Aurix customer support. This includes calls, chats, and emails with 24/7 availability.
  3. Highly transparent and provides amazing feedback: Aurix customer support provides real-time feedback to customers’ inquiries. Their service is highly transparent and extraordinary.
  4. Extremely polite: Aurix users’ reviews tell that the behavior of the Aurix customer support is excellent and calm. They treat their customers respectfully with care during users’ vulnerable conditions.
  5. Provides satisfactory answers: Along with the customer support behavior, their solutions to the problems are also highly satisfactory. They provide detailed and quality standard answers in the simplest way possible.

What can we conclude from Aurix users’ reviews?

Customer Support is a crucial part of any crypto exchange platform. From the Aurix users’ reviews,  we can  conclude that no one returns with an unsatisfactory customer support experience. The team is filled with highly skilled, well oriented and trained employees who know users’ issues and solve them very easily. They are highly polite and treat the customers with respect and care. As Aurix CEO, Majed Mohsen, says, customer care and security top their priority lists, and it is reflected through the platform’s customer support.

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