What’s the fate of UK’s housing market in 2024?


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  • UK housing market experienced a 1.8% decline in 2023, with further stagnation or decline expected in 2024.
  • Nationwide reports housing prices are now 4.5% below their 2022 peak, affected by high mortgage rates.
  • Scotland and Northern Ireland saw price rises, while East Anglia faced the biggest drop.

The UK’s housing market, a barometer of the nation’s economic health, is on a trajectory that has both homeowners and potential buyers alike in a state of anticipation. According to Nationwide, a major mortgage lender, the UK housing market experienced a 1.8% decline in 2023. This trend is predicted to either stagnate or continue its descent in 2024.

The housing prices, which remained flat between November and December, now stand almost 4.5% lower than the peak of summer 2022. This downturn reflects the impact of soaring mortgage rates influenced by the Bank of England’s decision to hike the cost of borrowing from a record low of 0.1% in late 2021 to a 15-year high of 5.25%.

Regional Variations and Economic Pressures

In this landscape, Scotland and Northern Ireland emerge as anomalies, being the only regions in the UK where housing prices rose in 2023. In contrast, East Anglia bore the brunt of the downturn, witnessing a 5.2% drop in housing prices. Overall, across England, the prices fell by 2.9% compared to the previous year, with southern regions underperforming those in the north. This regional disparity underscores the uneven economic pressures faced across the UK.

Robert Gardner, Nationwide’s chief economist, highlighted the challenges for first-time buyers. Despite modestly lower prices, the typical deposit paid by a first-time buyer equates to a staggering 105% of their average annual gross income. Moreover, the average monthly mortgage payment consumes 38% of take-home pay, significantly higher than the long-term average of 30%.

Nationwide’s analysis reveals a polarized market, with mortgage transactions trailing a fifth lower than pre-pandemic levels over the past six months. However, the demand from cash buyers has somewhat cushioned the market from a steeper decline. Nationwide’s data also indicated a stabilization in prices in December, suggesting a slowing pace of annual decline compared to November.

A Look Ahead: Projections and Analyst Opinions

Looking forward to 2024, the forecast for the UK housing market is one of cautious skepticism. Nationwide predicts a flat trajectory or a further decline of up to 2% in housing prices. This outlook aligns with the broader economic context, where gradual improvements in affordability are expected due to a combination of solid income growth, modestly lower house prices, and mortgage rates.

Halifax, Nationwide’s main competitor, anticipates a sharper decline in house prices, projecting a 2 to 4% drop in 2024. However, some property analysts maintain a more optimistic stance, noting the market’s resilience against high borrowing costs over the past year.

The latest official data, which includes both cash and mortgage purchases, indicates a 1.2% fall in prices in the 12 months to October. The more timely indices from Nationwide and Halifax suggest a recent stabilization in prices, buoyed by a surprising drop in consumer price inflation and the prospect of an earlier interest rate cut by the Bank of England in 2024.

Andrew Wishart, an analyst at Capital Economics, posits an increasingly likely scenario where house prices avoid falls altogether next year. This outlook is supported by ongoing demand from cash buyers, limited forced sales, and a projected decline in borrowing costs.

In sum, the fate of the UK’s housing market in 2024 hinges on a complex interplay of economic factors. The market’s trajectory will be influenced by regional disparities, the interplay of supply and demand, and broader economic conditions. While the outlook remains uncertain, the resilience of the UK housing market against a backdrop of economic challenges offers a glimmer of hope for a stable or potentially recovering market in the year ahead.

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