What’s at the Heart of the Flourishing Metaverse Economy of Wilder World?

Wilder World is a groundbreaking 5D Metaverse, meticulously crafted upon the formidable pillars of Ethereum, Unreal Engine 5, and ZERO technology. This digital realm transcends traditional virtual environments, offering an unprecedented immersive experience that encompasses not only the visual and auditory dimensions but also dives into the intricacies of interaction and emotion, ushering in a new era of interconnectedness.

At the heart of the Wilder World’s flourishing metaverse economy lies a revolutionary concept – the Liquid NFT Metaverse marketplace. A realm where creativity converges with technology, this marketplace bears semblance to conventional NFT exchanges, empowering artists and collectors alike to seamlessly mint, acquire, and trade rare digital artworks. However, Wilder World takes a transformative stride beyond the norm.

How does Wilder World work?

Wilder World was created by Zero Tech and is built on the Zero Protocol, Ethereum and Unreal Engine 5. It addresses three profound quandaries plaguing the NFT landscape and virtual universes at large: liquidity, decentralization, and utility. 

The prevailing NFT realm often seems gated by exorbitant costs and lacks the fluidity that democratizes access for a broader audience. Concurrently, existing NFT platforms stand as intermediaries, detracting from the true spirit of decentralization. Moreover, conventional NFTs frequently languish within digital wallets, devoid of practical use beyond mere acquisition, observation, or resale.

Enter Wilder World’s ingenious solution. It obliterates the barriers of liquidity by rendering NFTs divisible, thus transforming them into liquid assets attainable at a more inclusive price range.

Wilder World stands ready to elevate the benchmarks of Web3 encounters, unfurling uncharted realms of authenticity, gaming ingenuity, practicality, and visual opulence. This all transpires within the confines of the most dynamically fluid NFT marketplace to date.

Irrespective of the interests—be it gaming, automotive aficionado, interior design enthusiast, or fashion connoisseur—users are destined to unearth an avenue for creative expression within the expansive Wilder World platform. It has a seamless design opening the doors for anyone to embark on the NFTs journey and relish the entirety of it by seamlessly integrating their existing trove of NFTs.

Beyond its financial innovation, Wilder World embodies a fully autonomous and decentralized entity, operating autonomously through its unique Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), known as the Wilder Artists Guild. The NFTs themselves metamorphose into 3D masterpieces, captivatingly photorealistic, and primed for seamless integration within the metaverse.

Wilder World’s focal point is undeniably its extraordinary aesthetics, and the credit for this achievement can be attributed to Unreal Engine, an industry-leading toolkit revered by designers aiming to infuse their creations with the utmost realism and immersion, which Wilder World has harnessed to breathe life into its visionary 5D concept.

In a seamless fusion of functionality, the platform boasts interoperability, allowing it to seamlessly integrate NFTs from a diverse array of projects within the ecosystem. This groundbreaking feature bestows users with unbridled freedom, granting them access to both the immersive gaming experience and its accompanying marketplace, all while utilizing their pre-existing asset portfolio.

Wilder World’s NFT Collections

Centered around its unwavering dedication to design, and propelled forward by the Artist Guild, Wilder World has been diligently crafting its own visually opulent NFT collections for users seeking a deeper experience beyond mere in-game assets. Let’s dive into these creations.


AIR WILD Kicks is the first collection in Wilder World’s lineup of ready-to-wear NFT sneakers. Introduced in September 2021, this collection emerged from a collaboration between Chad Knight, Wilder World’s Head of Cyberwear (a title that inherently denotes its special nature), and Pet Liger, a prominent digital designer from its guild.

Chad Knight, a former professional skateboarder turned digital artist, who previously served as Nike’s Head of 3D, is the one overseeing digital fashion for Wilder World.

The inaugural installment, AIR WILD: Season One, cements Knight’s position as a visionary creative force within the space. Marrying fantasy with striking design, these cutting-edge digital fashion pieces transcend the constraints of cost, materials, and gravity. In fact, these sneakers might even outshine their physical counterparts. Each sneaker boasts a unique 1/1 design and is tailored for wear on any avatar, enabling wearers to effortlessly immerse themselves in exclusive circles from the moment of acquisition.


Envision soaring above an open-air concert with friends, embarking on a maiden exploration of fantastical islands with an aerial perspective, or cruising between clubs in a distinctive, gravity-defying vehicle of exquisite design.

If this exhilarating prospect ignites your curiosity, then WILDER.CRAFT and WILDER WHEELS deserve your attention. This exclusive collection of quantum crafts slices through Wilder World’s skies, unlocking new dimensions for exploration.


Wilder Cribs is a pivotal facet of the core Wilder World projects. This vertical revolutionizes virtual housing, offering users an array of design options, including parquet flooring, Ziarat marble, porcelain, oak, and steel, to customize their abode.

The inaugural Cribs release takes the form of The Qube, Miami’s premiere building. This structure has been divided into numerous NFT houses, each characterized by distinct features such as layout, floor number, and building materials – akin to traditional real estate. Notably, these options can be fractionalized, mimicking the principles of real-world real estate and democratizing participation, thereby granting a wider audience the opportunity to partake in the project’s narrative.

Wilder World tokenomics

The Wilder World ecosystem is powered by the WILD token, serving as both the lifeblood of the platform’s operations and a conduit for users to secure a stake in the project’s unfolding destiny.

WILD is the utility token used to:Identify, Trade, Generate Resources, and Govern Wilder World.

Identity: The Uniqueness Unveiled

Within the intricate tapestry of Wilder World, the WILD token serves as the bedrock upon which the identity of every entity is etched. This includes humans, NPCs (Non-Player Characters), assets, objects, and DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations). Each of these intricately woven components requires a distinctive, securely encrypted Wilder ID, meticulously recorded within the Ethereum blockchain and the Zero Protocol.

The diversity of this identity spectrum is vividly portrayed – from individuals and vehicles to architectural marvels, craftsmanship, attire, sprawling landscapes, and even the intricate web of organizations such as stores, concert halls, neighborhoods, and collective associations. With the birth of every new asset within Wilder World, an exclusive Wilder ID emerges, a cryptographic token that stands as a testament to its origin and existence. 

The act of minting this invaluable identifier demands a tangible stake in the form of WILD tokens, elevating its significance while affirming its rarity. As the metaverse welcomes fresh participants, the evolution of goods, services, and DAOs sets in motion, thus necessitating the generation of additional Wilder IDs and, in the process, actively reducing the circulating supply of WILD tokens.

Trade: Commerce in the WILD Realm

Much like the economic rhythm of tangible nations, the pulse of commerce within Wilder World reverberates through the corridors of the WILD token. Crafting, acquiring, and exchanging assets across this realm requires the medium of WILD tokens. 

This global transaction ecosystem operates solely within the currency of WILD, further supplemented by a modest transaction fee of 2%. Remarkably, this fee, also denominated in WILD, is artfully routed to nourish the coffers of the Wilder Nation DAO, thus perpetuating a cycle of self-sufficiency and growth.

Resources: The Alchemy of Creation

Intricately woven into the fabric of Wilder World’s creative ecosystem is the vital concept of resource generation. The process of birth, or “minting,” of novel objects within this metaverse demands an infusion of energy – embodied in the form of raw materials. Citizens of this virtual realm harness these foundational resources from the environment, channeling them through the refining crucibles of designated refineries. This metamorphic journey culminates in the conversion of raw materials into practical and purposeful commodities. With each transformation, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the Wilder Nation expands, and the value of WILD tokens flourishes as they orchestrate this alchemical process of creation and utilization.

Governance: A Democratic Voyage

An enduring testament to the democratic ethos, Wilder World unfolds as a realm wholly owned and collectively governed by the citizens of the Wilder Nation. This open, decentralized metaverse operates as an emblem of collective will and collaborative vision, transcending the boundaries of hierarchy. 

Within this dynamic framework, Wilders, the denizens of this realm, actively shape its trajectory through participation in governance proposals. From overarching global topics to pivotal decisions, every Wilder’s voice is vital. In this arena of democratic engagement, the possession of a valid Wilder ID and, crucially, a minimum of 1 WILD token, emerges as the qualifying criterion for effective participation.

The WILD token, once distilled into its myriad roles, emerges as a beacon of transformation within Wilder World. Beyond the realms of mere currency, it resonates as a conduit that interconnects identities, powers transactions, fuels creation, and upholds democracy, underlining the metaverse’s ethos of boundless possibilities and collective aspirations.

Wilder World Market Landscape

Wilder World’s notable competitors encompass Illuvium, Axie Infinity, and Star Atlas. What sets Wilder apart is its pioneering approach to NFT liquidity, expanding accessibility and attracting a larger user base.

Wiler World partners

Wilder World garnered $3 million through a private sale, with key investors including DCG, Animoca, Spartan, MetaPurse, and notable individuals like Jake Paul, Nyjah Huston, and Michael Carter Williams.

Wilder World’s Team

The leadership team includes Frank Wilder (Founder & Creative Director), n3o (Co-Founder & CTO), Dave Waslen (Co-Founder & Partner), Phoenix Wilder (Co-Founder & Director of Operations), and Hypno Wilder (Co-Founder & Director of Marketing).


Wilder World’s commitment to aesthetics, its utilization of cutting-edge technology like Unreal Engine, and its revolutionary approach to liquidity through liquid NFTs have redefined the possibilities of the virtual realm. By addressing the challenges of liquidity, decentralization, and utility, Wilder World has reimagined the NFT landscape, creating a platform that is not only visually striking but functionally empowering.

The convergence of diverse verticals within Wilder World – from AIR WILD Kicks to WILDER WHEELS, and from WILDER CRIBS to its overarching philosophy of decentralization – showcases its determination to be more than just a virtual playground. It’s an ecosystem where creators, collectors, and explorers can collaborate, express themselves, and push the boundaries of their digital experiences.

As we contemplate the future of the metaverse, Wilder World stands as a testament to what’s possible when innovation meets creativity. With its decentralized governance, artist-driven ethos, and commitment to inclusivity, it promises a dynamic and ever-evolving landscape where every participant can play a role in shaping its narrative. In the end, the deep dive into Wilder World not only illuminates the present state of the metaverse but also offers a glimpse into the limitless horizons of our digital future.


How can I get involved with Wilder World?

You can engage with Wilder World by participating in its ecosystem, acquiring $WILD tokens, exploring its NFT collections, and contributing to its decentralized governance. Visit the Wilder World platform to start your journey into this immersive 5D Metaverse.

What are Wilder World's NFT verticals?

Wilder World offers a range of NFT collections, including AIR WILD Kicks, which are ready-to-wear NFT sneakers, WILDER WHEELS and WILDER.CRAFT, which are unique vehicles for exploration, and WILDER CRIBS, a virtual housing experience.

What makes Wilder World unique?

Wilder World's uniqueness lies in its emphasis on aesthetics, achieved through the use of Unreal Engine, a leading tool for creating immersive experiences. Additionally, the platform addresses liquidity, decentralization, and utility issues in the NFT market, making NFTs more accessible and functional.

How does Wilder World's interoperability work?

Wilder World's platform is interoperable, allowing users to use NFTs from various projects across the ecosystem. This means you can engage with the game and its marketplace using your existing NFT assets.

What is the utility of the $WILD token?

The $WILD token primarily serves as the governance token for Wilder World, allowing the community to have a say in its development and evolution.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

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