What to expect from Binance Hackathon in Singapore

The crypto market is thriving despite the recent instability in the market and traders and creators are working together to make up for the lack of momentum. One of such contributors includes Binance. Binance has revealed its plans to host a blockchain conference in Singapore for a week to highlight its development and process.

Binance is the industry’s leading exchange looking to gear up the industry and the Hackathon is currently “the event” to be looking out for owing to the low market returns and Blockchain advancements in various sectors including governance and power ledgers.

The conference is set to be held at the Marina Bay Sands. It will start on December 19 and continue till January 22 of next year. Almost two thousand people will attend it from all over the globe. The events include a two-day Binance SAFU (Secured Assets For Users) Hackathon and a Binance conference. The conference aims to unite like-minded investors, entrepreneurs, and technologists to talk about blockchain and suggest ideas to expand and improve it.

High profile figures like industry leaders, executives and investors are scheduled to attend the event. Founder of TRON, NEO will be among these high profile personalities. The founder and CEO of Binance will also be making an appearance at the conference.

The Hackathon is believed to continue till the 19th and 20th of January and its main purpose is to discuss creative solutions to make crypto assets more secured. Judges and mentors will be there for decision making and guidance. The panel includes word leading platforms in the crypto space like ETH foundations, Tribe Accelerator, and Primitive Ventures. Registration can be done through Binance coins and will start from the 10th of December. The prize is one hundred thousand dollars in Binance coins.

Singapore has been a choice for the hosting of many blockchain conferences and with this awareness, it is setting its feet in the crypto space gradually. In no time Singapore will be a part of the crypto space industry as well.