What is WorldCoin, and where can you WDC?

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  • WorldCoin’s worldwide payment protocol plans to change how people send, receive, and store digital assets, stablecoins, and conventional currencies.
  • WorldCoin is an open-source protocol or system designed to make the global economy more accessible.
  • The protocol runs on 2 frontiers: The WorldCoin Foundation and Tools for Humanity.

WorldCoin (WDC), an open-source protocol aiming to build a more egalitarian global economy, has revealed a ground-breaking payment mechanism. The protocol aims to increase the accessibility and security of financial transactions for people worldwide. The WorldCoin Foundation and Tools back it for Humanity. WorldCoin intends to transform how individuals transfer, receive, and hold digital assets, stablecoins, and conventional currencies by releasing their ground-breaking global payment protocol.

WorldCoin explained – What is it?

WorldCoin is an open-source protocol or system designed to make the global economy more accessible. It is intended to be decentralized, so its user community will ultimately be in charge of oversight and decision-making. The individuals and groups that support WorldCoin are creating the instruments that cooperate to assist it in achieving its goals. These consist of the following:

World ID is a privacy-preserving digital identification created to address numerous significant identity-based problems, such as establishing a person’s distinct personhood.

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WorldCoin Token is the first token to be distributed globally and without restriction to individuals for usefulness and potential future governance. In addition, World App is an app that enables payment, purchases, and transfers globally using digital assets and traditional currencies

The organizations behind WorldCoin

The WorldCoin Foundation and Tools for Humanity are two significant organizations that now promote WorldCoin.

The WorldCoin Foundation is a nonprofit group created to develop and promote the WorldCoin community until it can support itself. It will achieve this through fostering a developer community, awarding funding, and creating opportunities for the user community to participate in protocol governance.

A multinational technology business called Tools for Humanity (TFH) was founded to hasten the shift to a more equitable economic structure. In addition to running the World App, it oversaw the initial development of the WorldCoin system and continues creating tools to support it. 

How Does WorldCoin Work?

The WDC token, digital assets, stablecoins, and conventional currencies, might all be used to make payments, purchases, and transfers throughout the globe utilizing this fully supervised app. In an online environment that might one day be filled with increasingly sophisticated artificial intelligence, the human function can be demonstrated with the aid of World ID’s distinctive digital identification. 

The Orb transmits to WorldCoin servers the iris hash and a hash of the user’s public key. The hashes are uploaded to the database and the company’s blockchain if the user has never joined.

Step by step on how to buy WDC

Choose an exchange

First things first. Select a crypto exchange. You must now use a crypto trading website to convert your US dollars (or other fiat currencies) into WDC or other digital currencies. You can purchase WorldCoin online using one of three exchanges. These suggested exchanges, BitGet, XT.COM, and Poloniex, are online marketplaces where you might buy and sell WorldCoin.

Keep in mind that every platform has a different way of doing things. Some platforms are very easy to use, others not so much.

Choose your method of payment

Debit and Credit Cards:

Credit Card: A credit card is a payment card used to borrow money from a financial institution to make purchases. You usually enter your card information on a crypto exchange when purchasing WDC with a credit card. Your account will be credited with the appropriate quantity of WorldCoin after the exchange processes the payment. 

Debit card: It is directly connected to your bank account. You can make transactions using money that is now in your account. Debit cards are accepted for WorldCoin purchases on some exchanges and platforms, just like credit cards. You’ll need to provide your card information, and the exchange will take the money out of your account to finish the WDC transaction.

Bank Deposit: When using the bank deposit payment method, funds are sent straight from your bank account to the exchange. You typically start a transfer from your bank to the allocated bank account of the exchange to purchase WorldCoin using a bank deposit. The matching amount of WorldCoin will be credited to your account once the transfer has been verified.

P2P Trading: P2P is an acronym for “peer-to-peer.” P2P trade is the term used to describe the direct exchange of WorldCoin between two parties or individuals without using intermediaries like banks or centralized exchanges. P2P trading platforms allow buyers and sellers to transact directly with one another by putting them in contact. 

Third-party payment: The buyer transfers money via a third-party payment service rather than paying the vendor directly. These companies serve as intermediaries, keeping the money in escrow until the deal is completed. The money is released to the seller once the buyer receives WDC.

3. Safe storage

Depending on how you plan to use your WDC, you will have to decide where to keep them. Keeping them with the crypto exchange or broker where you conduct your trading might be the best option, mainly if you trade regularly or shortly. Others might use a crypto wallet, which is a location to store digital currency. There are many different kinds of bitcoin wallets out there, and they all come with varying degrees of protection.

Frequently Asked Question 

1. How do I sign up for World ID?

Step 1: Download the World App from the App Store or Google Play in countries where it is available

Step 2: Follow the prompts to find a local WDC Operator who can verify your unique personhood

Step 3: Receive your World ID in your World App and use it in many ways in everyday applications without revealing your identity

2. How many WDC tokens will I receive after I verify my uniqueness?

Everyone who has verified their uniqueness at an Orb is eligible to receive free WDC tokens in their World App, provided they are in a location where the WDC token is available. Currently, eligible users can receive 25 free WDC tokens at the start. In the World App, users can always verify their token balance.

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