What Is Lift Token And Why You Should Buy It


The LIFT token has been seeing a massive surge of interest in the last few days, among the general bearish sentiments in the market. It is powered by UpLift DAO, a community-driven platform that incubates, launches, and accelerates next-gen crypto projects. 

What is the big deal about LIFT?

Let’s find out!

What is LIFT?

LIFT is the native token of the UpLift ecosystem. The IDO launchpad helps promising projects in the DeFi, NFT, and GameFi sectors scale growth with the support of the crypto community across the globe. 

Although there is no dearth of IDOs in the market, or IDO launchpads for that matter, most tokens bite the dust a few months into launching. The growing number of rug pulls and scams is another concern. When launchpads fail to show due diligence, investors end up paying the price. 

UpLift promises to revive the crypto fundraising arena with a new approach. It helps users discover the next big crypto projects through a fair and decentralized lottery-based token allocation system. All project applications undergo a predefined vetting process, overseen by a team of industry experts from UpLift DAO before listing. Only disruptive projects with proven teams can qualify for the IDOs. 

For its unique value propositions, UpLift DAO won the Accelerator of the Year Award at the AIBC Summit. 

Why should you buy LIFT?

UpLift’s aggressive roadmap lays down the marketing and expansion goals for the platform and the token. LIFT token gives users the opportunity to be a part of a growing ecosystem with a robust foundation. 

As the platform gears up for more action with new projects, the token is expected to accrue value. In addition to that, it serves an array of utilities in the ecosystem:  

  1. Incentivization

Rewards for community engagement programs in the UpLift ecosystem are paid in LIFT. This includes the referral program bonuses. 

  1. Staking

UpLift offers a staking program to ensure the sustainable growth of LIFT tokens in the long term. 

  • Staking LIFT gives exclusive access to IDOs on the launchpad at low prices.
  • Stakers can gain and exercise leverage in the platform’s governance.
  • UpLift has launched a lucrative booster program based on the amount staked, duration of staking, as well as for referring other stakers to the platform.
  1. Voting and governance rights 

UpLift DAO is a community-governed project. Users can voice their opinions on a variety of decisions that concern the ecosystem, including project listing through votes. The voting rights of a user is determined by the number of LIFT they hold. The proposals are submitted on Discord voted on with Snapshot.  

LIFT’s tokenomics documentation is available for anyone to see and verify. It has a burn mechanism with each project it launches. 

UpLift’s smart contract also has been audited by Zokyo

Rather than just hosting IDOs, UpLift helps projects navigate the complex market, tapping into their industry networks and expertise. This mitigates the chances of failures and ensures better returns for investors in the long term.
LIFT is available for purchase on PancakeSwap.

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