What could Bitcoin’s next all-time be, and when will it come?


  • Analysts predict Bitcoin’s next all-time high could potentially reach around $110,000 in its upcoming bull cycle.
  • Projections for this new peak are based on on-chain data, including the “Terminal Price” indicator from Look Into Bitcoin, which suggests a six-figure top.
  • The next block subsidy halving in April 2024 is seen as a key event, with targets around $130,000 and late 2025 being the popular deadline for the next cycle top.

The cryptocurrency market, with Bitcoin at its helm, stands at a pivotal juncture. As analysts and investors closely monitor Bitcoin’s price movements, the question on everyone’s mind is: what could be the next all-time high for Bitcoin, and when might it be achieved?

Insights derived from on-chain data and analytic tools such as Look Into Bitcoin’s “Terminal Price” suggest that Bitcoin could potentially reach a staggering $110,000 in its next bull cycle.

These projections are based on a blend of historical data, market trends, and sophisticated forecasting tools, painting a picture of a promising future for the world’s leading cryptocurrency.

Forecasting Bitcoin’s Potential Peak

As Bitcoin currently hovers around $37,298, the anticipation for its next price surge grows.

Analysts are predicting that post the next block subsidy halving in April 2024, Bitcoin could target prices around $130,000, with late 2025 being a plausible timeline for the next cycle’s peak.

The “Terminal Price” metric, a creation of Philip Swift from Look Into Bitcoin, is a key tool in these forecasts. It’s calculated by dividing “Coin Days Destroyed” (CDD) by Bitcoin’s existing supply, offering insights into hodler behavior and market momentum.

CDD, a measure of how many dormant days are reset when a specific amount of BTC moves on-chain, serves as a crucial indicator of hodler intent and activity.

This tool has been instrumental in identifying peak periods in Bitcoin’s price cycle. Not every all-time high hits the Terminal Price trendline, but notable instances like the 2017 all-time high and the initial peak in April 2021 did coincide with this metric.

The current all-time high of $69,000, seen in November 2021, however, fell short of the Terminal Price, indicating that there may still be room for growth.

The Significance of the Pi Cycle Indicator

Another tool that has gained attention for its accuracy in predicting Bitcoin’s price trajectory is the “Pi Cycle Top” indicator, highlighted by Swift in his recent analysis.

This indicator uses two moving averages to forecast the next high, providing only days’ notice before it occurs. Its past success in identifying peaks, including during the last cycle, has made it a closely watched metric in the crypto community.

Given these projections, a strategic approach to the next bull cycle would involve considering selling “near” the Terminal Price, as suggested by Swift. The corresponding “Balanced Price” indicator could also provide valuable insights into market bottoms.

As the Terminal Price increases over time, the $110,000 target may become a conservative estimate, especially if the next all-time high occurs later in the cycle.

Preparing for the Next Bitcoin Milestone

The crypto community is bracing for what could be a transformative period for Bitcoin. With advanced analytical tools at their disposal, investors and enthusiasts alike are better equipped to navigate the market’s volatility and capitalize on potential opportunities.

The anticipation of Bitcoin reaching new heights is not just about witnessing another price record; it’s about the maturation of a digital asset that continues to challenge traditional financial paradigms and captivate the imagination of a global audience.

Point is, the projections for Bitcoin’s next all-time high, although speculative, are grounded in a deep analysis of market trends and on-chain metrics.

The potential of reaching or even surpassing the $110,000 mark by late 2025 postulates not just a monetary gain, but a significant milestone in the journey of Bitcoin and the wider cryptocurrency market.

As the world watches, the crypto sector continues to evolve, presenting new challenges and opportunities in the ever-changing landscape of digital finance.

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