What CoinMarketCap’s Q3 report tells us about the crypto industry


  • The total crypto market cap stands at $1.07 trillion USD at the end of Q3, growing YTD despite an 8.56% drop in Q3, with increased participation from traditional finance sectors.
  • Growth in Real World Assets, Generative AI, and Oracles. Memes remained the most popular sector, with Shiba Inu’s Shibarium making strides.

The digital finance world moves rapidly, and the recent Q3 CoinMarketCap report provides crucial insights into the current state and direction of the crypto industry. From growth narratives to the role of traditional finance in the space, let’s unpack the highlights.

A Glimpse at the Market’s Overall Health

The total crypto market cap stood at $1.07 trillion USD by the end of Q3. While this marks an 8.56% decrease for the quarter, it’s essential to note that it’s still a significant 34.95% increase year-to-date (YTD). Several significant narratives have come into play in Q3.

The emergence of onchain Real World Assets (RWAs), the successful incorporation of leading Layer 2 solutions like Base, and a noticeable uptick in SocialFi’s popularity were some of the standout growth narratives.

But the most notable trend this quarter was the relentless drive to introduce more traditional internet users (Web2) to the decentralized world of Web3.

Traditional finance, often referred to as TradFi, is also showing increased interest. Particularly in the US, we’ve seen applications for BTC Spot ETFs and ETH Futures & Spot ETFs, indicative of the conventional finance world’s desire to join the crypto journey.

Major banks establishing their crypto desks further cements the institutional inclination towards crypto.

Unveiling Key Performers and Market Sentiments

Interestingly, market sentiment leaned more towards fear this quarter. The CMC Crypto Fear and Greed Index shifted from 60 to 42.

This sentiment can be attributed to several events, such as the lateral price movement of Bitcoin, the cascading effect of the Curve Finance exploit in DeFi, and broader economic uncertainties.

Liquidity in the market, another critical indicator of the market’s health, saw a decrease. Top centralized exchanges experienced a 30.59% drop in total spot trade volume during the quarter.

However, not all sectors experienced a decline. Positive market cap growth was seen in sectors like RWA, Generative AI, Oracles, Media, and Lending/Borrowing. Some newly trending sectors like Telegram Bots and the Base Ecosystem have also shown significant growth.

In the popularity context, Memes retained their spot as the most-viewed sector, although the dominance has reduced. The Smart Contracts sector saw a surge in interest, and DeFi maintained its place in the top three.

The Road Ahead

Understanding user preferences and interests gives us an idea of the crypto trends. The most added to watchlists for Q3 2023 predominantly comprised established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP.

Notably, Ethereum continued its dominance in the Smart Contracts sector, but an awaited upgrade might be pushed to next year. In the meantime, Chainlink is making waves in the web3 sector, given its recent partnerships.

In terms of engagement, despite a dip in prices and trading volumes, memecoin communities remained active, suggesting that these coins might still have a future.

Another sector worth mentioning is Telegram Bots, especially with trading bot Unibot at the forefront. Even though there have been concerns regarding this sector, it’s still in its infancy and has massive potential for growth.

Conclusively, the Q3 report from CoinMarketCap sheds light on the multifaceted world of crypto. With traditional finance inching closer and varied sectors within the industry showing potential, it’s a crucial time for investors, traders, and enthusiasts alike. The crypto journey, it seems, is only getting started.

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