Warzone Introduces Totally Advanced Resurgence Mode for Chaotic Gameplay


  • Warzone’s Totally Advanced Resurgence mode amps gameplay with higher jumps and longer slides. 
  • No fall damage means players can take more risks without consequences. 
  • Keep your load-outs even after death for strategic continuity.

Warzone enthusiasts are in for a treat as Raven Software launches the Totally Advanced Resurgence mode, adding a unique twist to the battle royale experience. With a flurry of gameplay modifiers, this limited-time mode promises to deliver an adrenaline-fueled adventure like never before.

What is Totally Advanced Resurgence Mode?

Warzone’s Totally Advanced Resurgence mode is an optional limited-time gameplay variation that injects a dose of excitement into the familiar Resurgence format. Players can expect a plethora of enhancements, including increased mobility and agility. The action is ramped up to dizzying heights from higher jumps to longer slides.

Set in the sprawling landscape of Vondel, Totally Advanced Resurgence mode eliminates the fear of fall damage, allowing players to traverse the terrain with reckless abandon. Participants enjoy the coveted Specialist Bonus, empowering them with enhanced abilities to outmaneuver their rivals.

In this adrenaline-fueled mode, players will notice a range of gameplay changes designed to elevate the intensity of each encounter. Notable features include:

  • Enhanced Mobility: Jump higher, slide longer, and dive further, granting players unparalleled agility on the battlefield.
  • Specialist Bonus: Access to a wide array of perks and abilities, providing a strategic advantage over opponents.
  • No Fall Damage: Navigate the terrain without fear of fall-related injuries, allowing for riskier maneuvers and daring escapes.
  • Retained Loadouts: Keep your preferred loadouts even after meeting an untimely demise, ensuring continuity and strategic consistency throughout the match.

With these enhancements in place, Totally Advanced Resurgence mode promises a frenetic and dynamic gameplay experience that will keep players on the edge of their seats.

Expected duration and future updates

While Raven Software has not provided an official end date for Totally Advanced Resurgence mode, speculation suggests that it may be available only on April 1st, aligning with past limited-time modes released in celebration of April Fools’ Day. However, players are advised to stay tuned for any announcements regarding the extension or conclusion of the mode.

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