Venezuela submits formal proposal to join BRICS bloc


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  • Venezuela has taken a huge stride by formally submitting a proposal to join the BRICS bloc.
  • Implications of the BRICS membership on the country’s global role.

The government of Venezuela has taken a significant step in its pursuit of international cooperation by formalizing its proposal to join the BRICS bloc. Led by President Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela has expressed its desire to become a part of the geopolitical and economic alliance that includes Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. President Maduro revealed during a recent broadcast of the weekly TV program “Con Maduro Mas” that the Venezuelan government had submitted an official application to join BRICS. 

Venezuela’s President confirms the move

Maduro’s announcement was accompanied by an optimistic outlook, as he expressed hope for a positive reception of the proposal among the existing member nations. Maduro emphasized that the country’s interest in joining BRICS is rooted in a desire to contribute to the bloc’s growth while also benefiting from the shared vision and collaboration it offers. He praised the BRICS bloc for its influential role in shaping the global geopolitical landscape and commended it as a driving force behind the emergence of a multipolar world. 

Delcy Rodriguez, the vice president of Venezuela, further elaborated on the application’s significance. She noted that the move positions Venezuela to explore alternative avenues of economic cooperation, steering away from unilateral hegemonism. The forthcoming BRICS summit, scheduled to take place in South Africa later this month, is expected to deliberate on the inclusion of new members into the alliance. The country’s aspiration to join BRICS was previously hinted at by President Maduro during an official visit to Brazil in May. At that time, Maduro expressed his country’s eagerness to contribute to the construction of a new world order and a new global architecture. 

Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio ‘Lula’ da Silva endorsed Venezuela’s intention, suggesting that the application would be deliberated alongside other requests during an upcoming BRICS meeting. China and Russia, two key pillars of the BRICS bloc, have responded positively to Venezuela’s interest. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning welcomed the prospect of integrating more partners into the BRICS family, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity. 

Implications of the BRICS membership on the country’s global role

Russia’s foreign minister for Latin America, Alexandr Schetinin, highlighted Maduro’s statements as a testament to the growing influence of BRICS in the international arena. Venezuela’s endeavor to join BRICS aligns with the larger trend of countries seeking to diversify their partnerships and engage in mutually beneficial collaborations. The appeal of BRICS lies not only in its economic potential but also in its diplomatic and strategic significance. As the world undergoes shifts in power dynamics, alliances like BRICS offer member nations a platform to voice their perspectives and collectively shape global affairs. 

The move to join BRICS could provide Venezuela with an opportunity to forge deeper connections with major economies, fostering economic growth and resilience. By participating in BRICS initiatives and dialogues, Venezuela aims to strengthen its position on the global stage while contributing to the evolution of a more balanced and multipolar world order. Venezuela’s formal proposal to join the BRICS bloc underscores the country’s commitment to fostering international collaboration and embracing a multipolar vision. 

President Maduro’s aspirations align with the objectives of BRICS, and the application signifies Venezuela’s determination to engage constructively with the alliance’s member nations. As BRICS continues to evolve and expand, the inclusion of new members like Venezuela could pave the way for increased cooperation and coordination among diverse economies in an ever-changing global landscape.

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