Valkyrie Sets Industry Standard with Dual Custody Strategy for Bitcoin ETF


  • Valkyrie strengthens Bitcoin ETF safety with dual custody from BitGo and Coinbase, setting a new security standard.
  • The move enhances asset protection and encourages the industry to explore similar security measures.
  • Valkyrie’s proactive approach ensures swift implementation, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding digital assets.

In a groundbreaking move, Valkyrie, a leading digital asset management pioneer, has revolutionized the cryptocurrency investment landscape by implementing a dual custody strategy for its spot Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF). This innovative approach, involving the collaboration of two trusted custodians, BitGo and Coinbase, establishes new benchmarks for security and reliability.

Enhancing investor asset safety

The firm’s commitment to bolstering investor asset safeguarding mechanisms is evident in its recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) dated February 1, 2024. This dual custody strategy signals a robust emphasis on security measures within the digital asset management sphere.

Prior to this development, Valkyrie had entrusted Coinbase solely with its holdings. However, on January 17, 2024, BitGo, a respected South Dakota trust company, was introduced into the fold. This strategic move underscores Valkyrie’s dedication to providing multiple layers of protection for its Bitcoin ETF and ensuring the utmost security for its trust’s Bitcoin assets.

Valkyrie’s diversified custodial strategies

Importantly, Valkyrie’s partnership with BitGo does not affect its ongoing collaboration with Coinbase. Instead, the firm plans to leverage the expertise of both custodians, creating a diversified custodial strategy that sets a new industry standard.

Valkyrie’s pioneering dual custody solution not only fortifies the security of its ETF but also sets a precedent for other market participants. It encourages them to explore similar measures, acknowledging the critical importance of comprehensive security measures in the rapidly evolving digital asset space.

Swift implementation

Valkyrie’s proactive approach to security is evident in its swift implementation of the dual custody strategy. The firm expects to begin utilizing BitGo’s custodial services immediately, demonstrating a forward-thinking approach to asset management in the digital era.

By distributing its Bitcoin holdings between BitGo and Coinbase, Valkyrie is making a bold statement about the industry’s readiness to embrace diversified custodial strategies. This approach aligns with the growing awareness of the need for enhanced security measures in light of evolving security challenges.


Valkyrie’s dual custody strategy for its Bitcoin ETF with the involvement of BitGo and Coinbase represents a watershed moment in the world of cryptocurrency investments. The company’s commitment to safeguarding investor assets, its proactive stance on security, and its swift implementation of innovative solutions set a new industry standard. As the digital asset management sphere continues to evolve, Valkyrie’s approach underscores the importance of comprehensive security measures to protect investor assets in this dynamic and growing market.

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