US space force engineer advocates Bitcoin as 21st century offset strategy


  • Major Jason Lowrey, a US Space Force engineer, suggests that Bitcoin’s proof-of-work can be a game-changer for national security in the 21st century.
  • He believes proof-of-work technology, unlike traditional military methods, secures data through computational power and could transform cybersecurity.
  • The US Department of Defense has not yet responded to Lowrey’s proposal to explore Bitcoin’s potential in bolstering national security.

In a groundbreaking letter addressed to the US Department of Defense, Major Jason Lowrey, a prominent US Space Force astronautical engineer and MIT Fellow, has argued that Bitcoin and its underlying proof-of-work technology represent a powerful 21st-century offset strategy. Lowrey contends that this technology can revolutionize the realms of cybersecurity and national security, ushering in a new era of strategic advantage.

Bitcoin’s role in the 21st century offset strategy

Major Lowrey, drawing upon his extensive research at the Department of Air Force’s Air Command and Staff College, expounds upon the concept of an “offset” strategy. An offset strategy, as explained by Lowrey, leverages cutting-edge technologies to counterbalance or neutralize an adversary’s traditional military strengths or numerical superiority. 

It is a strategic approach that seeks to tip the balance of power by introducing transformative capabilities that redefine the nature of power and the dynamics of conflict.

Lowrey’s letter underscores the potential of the Bitcoin protocol as the most operationally successful implementation of what early engineers called a reusable proof-of-work protocol. He argues that the name “Bitcoin” is somewhat misleading, as it implies that the proof-of-work protocol is limited to protecting financial information. 

In reality, it can secure practically all forms of data, messages, or command signals, with broad strategic significance for cybersecurity and national security.

Imposing steep costs on adversaries

One of the core principles of proof-of-work technology, according to Lowrey, is its mirroring of physical security and deterrence strategies employed in other domains, such as land, sea, air, and space. The primary means of protection in these domains is the imposition of steep costs on adversaries. However, the key difference lies in the type of power used. Unlike the kinetic, lethal, or hard power projection typically observed in military contexts, proof-of-work relies on computational power to secure networks and data.

Lowrey highlights that the significant and subtle change brought about by proof-of-work technology occurs at the foundational level of the internet. This base-layer mechanism, often overlooked by the general public due to its complexity, has the potential to reshape the entire cybersecurity landscape. By harnessing the power of proof-of-work, it becomes possible to secure data and communications in ways previously unattainable.

Implications for national security

The implications of Major Lowrey’s letter are far-reaching. If the US Department of Defense were to heed his recommendations, it could lead to a fundamental shift in the way the nation approaches cybersecurity and national security. The adoption of Bitcoin’s proof-of-work technology as an offset strategy could provide a crucial advantage in an increasingly digital and interconnected world.

Lowrey’s credentials as a US Space Force astronautical engineer and an MIT Fellow lend significant weight to his arguments. His expertise in both technology and military strategy makes him a credible advocate for the adoption of Bitcoin’s proof-of-work technology as a means of enhancing national security.

As of now, the US Department of Defense has not issued an official response to Major Lowrey’s letter. It remains to be seen whether his recommendations will gain traction within the government and whether there will be a shift in policy or strategy concerning the use of blockchain technology and proof-of-work in the context of national security.

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