US Force Major discusses the importance of Bitcoin in national defense

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The United States Space Force Major Jason Lowery has recently advocated for a formal investigation into the strategic applications of proof-of-work (PoW) systems, specifically focusing on Bitcoin, as a means of enhancing national defense. Beyond its conventional role as a monetary system, Lowery highlights Bitcoin’s potential to secure various forms of data, messages, and command signals, positioning it as a valuable asset for bolstering cybersecurity and, consequently, national security.

US Force Major drums the importance of BTC

In a comprehensive letter addressed to the U.S. Defense Innovation Board on December 2, Lowery urged the board to advise the Secretary of Defense to delve into the “national strategic importance” of PoW systems, using Bitcoin as a prime example. The Defense Innovation Board, an independent advisory body, seeks to integrate technological innovation and best practices from Silicon Valley into the U.S. Military.

Force Major Lowery’s argument centers on the notion that a PoW system, exemplified by Bitcoin, could act as a deterrent against cyberattacks due to the substantial costs associated with deploying physically resource-intensive computers. By drawing parallels with traditional military assets, he emphasized that proof-of-work mirrors physical security and deterrence strategies observed in domains such as land, sea, air, and space. The uniqueness lies in its application within the digital realm, where Bitcoin could provide a robust defense against evolving cyber threats.

Bitcoin’s potential cybersecurity applications, as outlined by Lowery, could play a pivotal role in ensuring the United States maintains its position as a global leader. He contends that addressing this aspect could herald a “cybersecurity revolution,” effectively transforming the global electric power grid into a large, physically costly computer or ‘macrochip.’ This transformation would, in turn, constrain malicious actors and safeguard a wide range of data and messages transmitted over the internet.

Coinbase CEO’s vision for crypto in defense

Notably, Force Major Lowery, who also serves as a national defense fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), had previously proposed a cybersecurity tool on the Bitcoin base layer in March. According to his assertions, this tool has the potential to reshape the country’s national security landscape. In conclusion, Lowery expressed concern that the U.S. Department of Defense may have already forfeited valuable time by not promptly integrating Bitcoin’s cybersecurity applications into its arsenal.

In a related discussion, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong contributed to the discourse by suggesting that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies could play a crucial role in maintaining the United States’ dominance alongside the U.S. dollar. Armstrong proposed that Bitcoin might hold the key to extending Western civilization. Contrary to displacing the U.S. dollar, he envisioned cryptocurrencies working symbiotically with it, serving as a natural check and balance and defending long-term American interests.

Force Major Jason Lowery’s call for a meticulous investigation into the national strategic importance of proof-of-work systems, with a specific focus on Bitcoin, underscores the increasing acknowledgment of cryptocurrency’s potential to bolster cybersecurity and safeguard national interests. Furthermore, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong’s perspective highlights the symbiotic relationship envisaged between cryptocurrencies and traditional fiat currencies, with Bitcoin potentially playing a role in preserving the United States’ economic dominance.

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