Upbit releases translated version of EU’s MiCA: will South Korea follow suit?

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  • Upbit has released a Korean-language version of the EU’s MiCA legislation, indicating their awareness of European regulations.
  • South Korea traditionally looked to the US for crypto regulatory guidance, but may now turn to Brussels due to the uncertain crypto policy in Washington.
  • Upbit’s move suggests that Korean exchanges prepare for potential regulatory alignment with MiCA in Seoul.

South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Upbit, has recently made a significant move by releasing a comprehensive Korean-language version of the European Union’s Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA) legislation.

This development suggests that Korean exchanges are keeping a close eye on the regulatory landscape in Europe and preparing for the potential adoption of rules based on MiCA in Seoul.

Traditionally, South Korea has looked to the United States and other countries for guidance on cryptocurrency regulations. However, with the uncertain crypto policy in Washington, the country may now turn to Brussels as a benchmark. Upbit’s proactive step in translating and sharing the 489-page MiCA legislation indicates their awareness of EU regulations and readiness for potential alignment.

South Korea already has several crypto-related laws in place. Still, in light of recent controversies like the Coin Gate affair, lawmakers have pledged to further tighten regulations within the cryptocurrency industry. Upbit’s Investor Protection Center has been posting detailed explanation videos on MiCA on their official YouTube to educate the public and industry participants.

According to Lee Hae-bung, director of the Investor Protection Center, MiCA has gained international recognition as a regulatory framework with far-reaching implications. Lee emphasizes that as South Korea looks to develop the next phase of legislation beyond its existing virtual asset user protection law, careful reference to MiCA will be necessary. He highlights that MiCA has become the international standard in cryptocurrency regulation.

The influence of Europe’s regulatory approach is becoming apparent beyond its borders. Ukraine, for instance, has used MiCA as a template for its crypto regulatory policies. Upbit’s release of the translated MiCA legislation suggests that other Korean exchanges also take note and prepare for potential regulatory shifts in line with MiCA.

As the cryptocurrency market evolves rapidly, nations must establish comprehensive and effective regulatory frameworks. By closely following the developments in Europe, South Korea aims to create legislation that addresses the challenges and opportunities presented by the cryptocurrency industry.

With MiCA serving as a benchmark, South Korea can adapt and shape its regulations to ensure investor protection and foster the growth of a secure and transparent crypto ecosystem.

Upbit’s publication of the Korean version of MiCA reflects the increasing importance of Europe’s crypto regulations on the global stage. Recognizing the significance of MiCA as an international standard, South Korea intends to refer to it while formulating its comprehensive legislation. This proactive approach highlights the country’s commitment to staying abreast of regulatory trends and ensuring a secure and transparent environment for cryptocurrency trading and investment.

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