Exciting Developments Unveiled in Microsoft Flight Simulator Add-Ons


  • PMDG’s Boeing 777 in Microsoft Flight Simulator dazzles with realistic details like glowing brakes and nearing release.
  • Aerosoft’s Milan Malpensa Airport brings Italy to life in the virtual skies, enhancing the flying experience.
  • Marcus Nyberg’s Swedish airport bundle, with updates and Xbox releases, elevates Flight Simulator’s airport realism.

In the realm of Microsoft Flight Simulator add-ons, aviation enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Boeing 777 by PMDG. Recently, third-party developers treated the community to a glimpse of the upcoming aircraft through a series of captivating screenshots. CEO Robert Randazzo shared insights into the meticulous attention to detail, highlighting the incorporation of realistic elements such as a drain mast and red-hot glowing brakes.

Randazzo delved into the intricacies of temperature response tuning for carbon brakes, emphasizing the commitment to aligning it with engineering data. The developers are striving to recreate the visually stunning effects generated by the heat-induced light waveform in the real world. Notably, the frequency of the emitted light dynamically shifts with the temperature, adding a layer of authenticity to the simulation.

As the development progresses, PMDG has introduced features related to the alternate landing gear extension process and the control logic of main gear steering actuators. A notable addition on the horizon is a video showcasing the impact of disabling main gear steering on the airplane’s energy state during tight turns. The latest beta build has been deployed to testers, marking a transitional phase where fixes and new reports reach equilibrium. After this phase, testers will play a pivotal role in suggesting additional features and shaping the final release version of the aircraft.

While development and testing are progressing according to plan, PMDG acknowledges there are outstanding items requiring attention. The aircraft is not yet ready for release, but the team remains optimistic about its current state and is diligently addressing the remaining elements.

Scenic Airports take center stage

Beyond aircraft, the Flight Simulator community can look forward to enhanced airport experiences. Milan Malpensa Airport (LIMC), crafted by David Rosenfeld and published by Aerosoft, promises a visually pleasing rendition. With intricate details and a focus on realism, this portrayal of the Italian airport aims to elevate the virtual flying experience.

Adding to the excitement, Marcus Nyberg announces the impending release of a Swedish airport bundle featuring ESNQ Kiruna, ESNU Umeå, and ESKS Scandinavian Mountains airport. While plans initially included ESNZ Östersund, the lineup has seen a shift. Nyberg’s commitment to providing a comprehensive airport experience extends beyond the bundle, with updates planned for Stockholm Arlanda Airport, including tower interiors and improved VDGS. Furthermore, updates are in the pipeline for Stockholm Bromma Airport (ESSB), Visby Airport (ESSV), Malmö Airport (ESMS), and Göteborg Landvetter Airport (ESGG).

Releases and updates on the horizon

Nyberg has submitted ESMS and ESGG for release on Xbox, expanding the reach of these meticulously crafted airport scenes to a broader audience. The imminent release of the Swedish airport bundle and updates to various airports in Nyberg’s portfolio signal a commitment to continuously enhancing the Flight Simulator experience.

The Flight Simulator landscape is abuzz with excitement as developers unveil tantalizing glimpses of upcoming aircraft and airports. PMDG’s Boeing 777 is shaping up to be a meticulous recreation of the real-world counterpart, with a focus on realistic details such as glowing brakes and intricate temperature response tuning. On the airport front, David Rosenfeld’s Milan Malpensa Airport and Marcus Nyberg’s Swedish airport bundle promise immersive experiences for virtual pilots. As the Flight Simulator community eagerly awaits these additions, the developers remain committed to delivering unparalleled realism and authenticity in the virtual skies.

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