Unlock the ‘Bloody Mess’ Mastery SMG Blueprint in Warzone’s Haunting Event


  • The Haunting event in ‘Call of Duty: Warzone and DMZ’ offers the exclusive ‘Bloody Mess Mastery SMG blueprint through challenging missions on the Al Mazrah map.
  • Players must complete five of six unique Haunting Operation missions, battling supernatural entities and undertaking perilous quests.
  • Beyond weaponry, the event emphasizes strategy, skill, and thematic content, offering players an immersive gaming experience that blends warfare with Halloween horror.

As October ushers in the eerie vibes of Halloween, ‘Call of Duty: Warzone and DMZ’ intensifies the gaming landscape with its seasonal Haunting event. Among the exclusive rewards awaiting players is the much-coveted ‘Bloody Mess’ Mastery SMG blueprint. To claim this prize, participants must navigate a series of spine-chilling challenges set in the night-shrouded Al Mazrah map. Success requires completing five of six unique Haunting Operation missions, each offering its blend of terror and gameplay.

Navigating the night: Missions to complete

The event’s quintessential night-time setting, Al Mazrah, serves as the backdrop for these daunting tasks. Players must confront monstrous entities and undertake perilous quests, summarized as follows:

Evil spirits: These malevolent beings lurk within Al-Safwa Quarry, Al-Malik Airport, Al Mazrah City, or Al Bagra Fortress. The mission necessitates locating various spectral figures like Ghouls, Specters, Witches, and Reapers amidst the loot-packed containers scattered in these areas.

Ghost train: A daunting challenge on the Train Tracks, where players are to extract a heart from a safe within the ominous Ghost Train, adding an action-packed twist to the supernatural festivities.

Swamp creature: Within the eerie confines of Mawizeh Marsh, players interact with mysterious egg pods. The discovery of a Tiara triggers the appearance of the Swamp Creature, setting the stage for a monstrous confrontation.

The butcher: This entity can be challenged by engaging with the Altars of Lilith located in distinct areas, including Zaya Observatory, Al Samman Cemetery, Al Mazrah City, and Zarqwa Hydroelectric. Victory requires braving the Nightmare Portal for a face-off against the menacing Butcher.

The Pharaoh: An adventure in the Oasis involves collecting skulls and placing them in a Sarcophagus, invoking the formidable Pharaoh for a battle that tests skill and strategy.

UFO: In Sawah Village, players are tasked with eliminating anomalies and securing an Artifact to be delivered to a portal, invoking scenarios steeped in science fiction.

A strategic approach to haunting rewards

Competitors need to strategically select and complete any five of these six missions to secure the ‘Bloody Mess’ Mastery SMG blueprint. However, the Haunting event offers more than exclusive weaponry. The concurrent Haunting Soul Capture event demands the collection of souls during nocturnal map explorations, unlocking additional rewards and enriching the overall gaming experience.

The strategic element extends beyond merely participating. Players must exhibit skill, courage, and tactical acumen to overcome these tasks efficiently. With time being of the essence, a strategic approach toward these missions is indispensable for those wishing to maximize their gains from the event without the end-of-season grind.

A season of ghoulish warfare awaits

The Haunting event transforms ‘Call of Duty: Warzone and DMZ’ into a battlefield that marries traditional warfare with supernatural horror. As players embark on these extraordinary missions, they vie not just for the ‘Bloody Mess’ Mastery SMG blueprint but also for the unique experience that this hallmark event promises annually. From battling ghastly creatures to engaging in unconventional warfare, participants will find their skills, strategies, and nerves thoroughly tested.

The event underscores the game creators’ commitment to continually evolving player experiences, integrating thematic content that resonates with seasonal festivities. It’s not just about the exclusive items up for grabs; it’s the thrilling journey, the stories players will forge, and the feats they will recount long after Halloween has passed. The Haunting beckons, offering a world of frightful fun, and challenging endeavors that redefine the parameters of immersive gaming.

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