UniCross Deploys Rune Protocol on Testnet

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  • UniCross, a Merlin Chain’s ecosystem’s constituent, debuts the Rune Protocol on the testing net, which is a breakthrough for blockchain applications within the community.
  • The early results present an actively applied approach and outstanding efficiency. 100,000 requests for emitting the Runes within 12 hours prove strong involvement of the community and the great opportunities for novel blockchain technologies.

Merlin Chain’s ecological project, UniCross, a great improvement in blockchain applications, formally kicks off Rune Protocol on testnet. This ground-breaking implementation brings about another turning point not only for Merlin chain but also for community of blockchain enthusiasts who are after the cutting-edge of decentralized technology development.

The Rune-protocol covers roofing for Runes, which are the specific digital money that can be used for various DeFi and NFT systems. The deployment in a testnet, which is a simulated non-money environment where new technologies are tested first, has signaled the preparedness of Rune Protocol for early development and testing by developers and tech enthusiasts.

Unicross’s impressive early results

The introduction of the Rune Protocol into the system has so far shown high prevalence of interest and efficiency as shown by the positive response of the system’s panels. Within the first 12 hours of the testnet launch Rune Protocol has received a stunned 200,000 request for emitting Rune. The fact that the overwhelming number of addresses are active speaks to the eager community’s desire to work with and discover the benefits of the new procedure.

To give more detail, the economic influences of the launch are starting to appear with minting fees already totaling approximately 6 BTC. Things like this should show that people are interested in the new features that have been offered. Such large volumes and fees that the platform was able to capture in a very short period of time support the high interest in more sophisticated solutions within the blockchain ecosystem which can be tailored to the needs of the growing cryptocurrency market.

Therefore, not only has the activity increased but also its impact on the bitcoin testing network in general has been conspicuously observed. The memory pool of the network, where transactions wait on board until network calls it for approval, had seen unprecedented growth with the number of transactions reaching over 150,000. This has automatically resulted in a jump in the Gas fee rate, which is now more than 20 sat/vB. It is an equation that points out the cost of transactional data per byte processed, which later reflects the stress and congestion in the network following the launch.

Future prospects and implications

The Rune protocol, running on the UniCross testnet, is not only a technical achievement worth acknowledging but also a strategic planning which paves the way for the next level of blockchain function resolution. For instance, after the protocol is subjected to robust testing and upgrading tasks during this test phase, the developers of the main network and the platform team will collect the valuable experience that is mandatory for scaling the technology to become industrial standards.

Such exploitations of technologies will be limitless and might even affect financial institutions, art galleries, and the creation of non-fungible tokens. The Rune Protocol can be seen as ones of the technologies that can facilitate the process of efficiently issuing digital assets and indexing them. This will tremendously improve the security and usability of blockchain applications.

In addition, should this test platform prove successful, Merlin Chain might take up the role of sparking the innovation within its ecosystem and inspiration for development of more engaging apps and services connected to the Rune Protocol. It is also one of the driving factors of UniCross becoming blockchain market pacesetter and benefiting from possible partnerships and collaborations with other blockchain adopters and innovators

Along the way, during the testnet phase, designers will be looking at how the Rune Protocol fits in with already existing systems and to which extent they can enhance them or are they revolutionary. Based on the results from this phase, we will be confident in proceeding to the stage two and unleash the hidden potential of the entire blockchain ecosystem.

The constance and the iterative procedures of the Rune Protocol give an overview of how blockchain technology is developing quickly and unilaterally. While these technologies become more mature and find new use cases, their influence, which looks all-encompassing, in various industrial fields seems almost limitless. The cooperation of Merlin Chain with UniCross and the Rune Protocol is, undoubtedly, a sign of the new directions where the blockchain industry is traveling, soon to become famous by its achievements.

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