Unibot Holders Exit as American Investors Flock to Bitbot Presale

As American investors shift their focus from Unibot to the burgeoning potential of Bitbot, the first non-custodial Telegram trading bot, the landscape of crypto trading bots takes a dramatic turn. 

Bitbot’s presale has already garnered $2.1m in just 12 weeks, reaching stage 9 with the current price of $0.0148. 

This article contrasts Unibot’s somewhat bearish trend and Bitbot’s rising appeal, highlighting why investors are eagerly transitioning to Bitbot’s presale for its unrivaled security measures and technological advancements.

The market for crypto trading bots

The landscape of Telegram crypto trading bots is witnessing a rapid ascent, ballooning to an impressive $1.4 billion to date. This expansion highlights the sector’s increasing significance, underscored by a record-breaking $700 million traded through Telegram bots in one day in March. 

Amidst this burgeoning market, Unibot is a prominent player, with a current market cap of $25 million and a trading price of around $25. However, its journey has seen much volatility: after peaking at $220 in August 2023, Unibot’s trajectory took a bearish crypto turn following a critical security breach.

Unibot’s situation worsened with the recent announcement of its partnership termination with the Solana team, a move prompted by a series of incidents culminating in a breach of trust among the Unibot community. 

This decision was primarily influenced by the unauthorized launch of “evm_unibot” by the Solana group, which occurred without Unibot’s consent, causing significant unrest and service access issues among its users. 

Understandably, this series of events has significantly undermined investor confidence, leading to a stark reassessment of Unibots’s reliability and its team’s ability to maintain platform standards independently.

This uncertainty has driven American investors to consider less bearish crypto and more secure and promising alternative, Bitbot.

Bitbot: A new era of security and innovation

Bitbot is setting a new benchmark in trading bot security with its strategic alliance with cybersecurity heavyweight KnightSafe. This partnership is pivotal, establishing a non-custodial trading framework that places ultimate control directly in users’ hands, reinforcing the principle “not your keys, not your crypto.” 

This security paradigm is further enhanced by cutting-edge anti-MEV (Maximum Extractable Value) tactics and anti-rug pull measures designed to safeguard investments against the prevalent vulnerabilities that have tarnished the reputation of other bots in the market.

In addition to its robust security measures, Bitbot innovates with AI-powered tools adept at sifting through the crypto landscape to pinpoint undervalued gems and promising presale ventures, offering users a significant edge. 

Furthermore, Bitbot introduces a pioneering revenue-sharing model, redistributing 50% of daily trading fees back to token holders, cementing its position as a secure trading bot and an unparalleled investment platform that stands out in the rapidly evolving crypto trading bot arena. 

This comprehensive ecosystem, underscored by a 12-month token vesting schedule for the development team, signals Bitbot’s dedication to fostering trust and ensuring the project’s sustainability and success in the long haul.

The crypto market’s bullish horizon

Anticipation is high within the crypto market as several key indicators herald an impending bullish phase. The much-anticipated Bitcoin halving event is expected to tighten supply and potentially boost prices, while Bitcoin has shattered expectations by soaring to new all-time highs. 

Furthermore, the crypto community is abuzz with speculation about the potential approval of Ethereum ETFs. This development could significantly broaden crypto’s appeal to institutional investors and inject substantial liquidity into the market.

In this burgeoning environment, Bitbot’s debut is perfectly timed. Its advanced technology and rigorous security measures place it at the forefront of the Telegram trading bot sector, ready to capitalize on the market’s upward trajectory. 

Unlike competitors such as Banana Gun, which, despite encountering teething problems related to security, managed to deliver early buyer gains of over 200%, Bitbot is engineered to avoid such pitfalls through its non-custodial nature.

Given these attributes, Bitbot is not merely participating in the market’s growth but is poised to drive it. Early investors are presented with a compelling opportunity to achieve returns ranging from x50 to x100, positioning Bitbot to compete and dominate as the leading Telegram trading bot in a rapidly expanding market. 

The winner takes all

Bitbot stands out not only for its unmatched security and trading tools but also because it’s still in the presale phase. Presales are generally known to reward early investors with substantial gains, and in the case of Bitbot, the price may rocket when it hits exchanges.

To learn more and purchase BITBOT tokens, visit the official website.

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