UK parliament advances bill to seize illicit cryptocurrencies

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  • The UK parliament is pushing a bill that will ensure that regulators seize digital assets used for illicit activities.
  • The government has reiterated its decision to combat the illicit use of cryptocurrencies.

Lawmakers in the upper house of the UK Parliament are making progress with a bill aimed at expanding authorities’ powers to combat the use of cryptocurrencies for illicit purposes. The Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill, introduced in September 2022, underwent its third reading in the House of Lords on July 4. During this reading, the UK parliament primarily focused on minor amendments rather than proposing significant changes to crypto enforcement measures.

The UK parliament will amend frameworks to pass the bill

The latest version of the bill, dated June 27, included provisions designed to enhance the government’s ability to seize and recover crypto assets through amendments to existing frameworks. It also clarified the government’s authority in cases involving digital assets intended for terrorism or related activities. Before becoming law, the bill will undergo further scrutiny as the UK parliament consider all proposed amendments and seek royal assent.

The UK government had previously announced its intention to introduce robust regulations for cryptocurrencies in its economic crime plan from 2023 to 2026. The aim is to combat the illicit use of digital assets effectively. The Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill is expected to be passed by the fourth quarter of 2023. Additionally, the government plans to collaborate with various agencies to implement the Financial Action Task Force’s Travel Rule, which further strengthens anti-money laundering measures in the crypto industry.

Notably, the House of Lords also conducted a third reading of the Financial Services and Markets Bill on June 19. This bill, which was signed into law on June 29, focuses on supporting the adoption of crypto assets within the country. The legislation aims to create a favorable regulatory environment to facilitate the growth and development of the crypto industry in the UK.

The government has reiterated its decision to combat the illicit use of cryptocurrencies

The move to strengthen regulations surrounding cryptocurrencies reflects a global trend as governments and regulatory bodies seek to address concerns related to illicit activities and financial crimes in the crypto space. Authorities are increasingly recognizing the need to ensure that cryptocurrencies are not exploited for money laundering, terrorist financing, or other illicit purposes.

By expanding its powers to target cryptocurrencies used for illegal activities, the UK parliament is taking proactive steps to combat financial crimes in the digital realm. The evolving regulatory landscape aims to strike a balance between fostering innovation in the crypto industry and safeguarding the integrity of the financial system.

As the bill progresses, stakeholders in the crypto community will closely monitor the potential implications of the proposed amendments. Striking the right balance between regulation and innovation is essential to foster a secure and thriving crypto ecosystem in the UK. The effective implementation of the legislation, along with collaboration between regulatory authorities and industry participants, will be crucial in achieving these goals.

The UK Parliament’s Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill is moving forward to expand authorities’ capabilities to combat the illicit use of cryptocurrencies. As the bill undergoes further scrutiny, the UK government demonstrates its commitment to robustly regulate the crypto industry and safeguard against financial crimes. By doing so, they seek to strike a balance between facilitating innovation and maintaining the integrity of the financial system in the digital age.

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