UK’s LSE set to list innovative crypto ETP offerings


  • The London Stock Exchange is poised to introduce crypto exchange-traded products, marking a significant shift in the UK’s financial landscape.
  • Financial authorities, led by the Financial Conduct Authority, have eased regulations to allow the listing of crypto ETPs, catering primarily to professional investors.
  • Major crypto ETP providers like CoinShares, WisdomTree, ETC Group are preparing to list their products on the LSE.

The London Stock Exchange (LSE) is set to welcome the listing of crypto exchange-traded products (ETPs). Financial authorities in the UK have relaxed regulations, allowing for the admission of such products on one of the world’s oldest stock exchanges. This move has attracted the attention of leading crypto ETP providers like CoinShares, WisdomTree, ETC Group.

These firms are preparing to list their offerings, signaling a new era of crypto investments in London. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)’s decision to ease restrictions marks a pivotal change, although it maintains a cautious stance by limiting access to professional investors.

The introduction of crypto ETPs on the LSE is a response to growing interest in digital assets among institutional investors. Companies such as ETC Group, Europe’s largest crypto fund, have expressed their commitment to listing products as soon as possible.

Bradley Duke, ETC Group’s chief strategist, highlighted the importance of the LSE in their strategy. He also voiced hope for the future lifting of restrictions that currently prevent retail investors from participating. This initial phase will see the acceptance of applications for Bitcoin and Ethereum exchange-traded notes (ETNs) starting in Q2, 2024.

Crypto ETPs gain the ground in UK markets

The FCA’s approach to crypto ETPs, while progressive, has drawn mixed reactions. By restricting access to professional investors, the FCA aims to safeguard retail investors from the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies. This decision, however, has not deterred key players in the European crypto ETP market from pursuing listings on the LSE.

The market for crypto ETPs in Europe, with assets totaling $14.2 billion, demonstrates significant interest and investment in digital asset products. Mandy Chiu, head of financial product development at 21Shares, called the approval of crypto ETPs on the LSE encouraging. Nevertheless, the firm adopts a wait-and-see approach regarding UK listings.

The LSE’s move aligns with global trends where countries like Australia, Brazil, Canada, and the U.S. have integrated crypto ETPs into their financial markets. This alignment signifies a shift in the regulatory framework towards a more inclusive approach to digital assets. The FCA’s cautious strategy reflects its responsibility to protect investors while acknowledging the growing role of cryptocurrencies in the financial sector. The decision to allow crypto ETPs on the LSE is a step towards harmonizing UK regulations with international standards.

Prospects for institutional and retail investors

The decision to introduce crypto ETPs on the LSE opens up new avenues for institutional investors. Investment firms, credit institutions, pension funds, and insurance companies will now have the opportunity to include Bitcoin and Ethereum ETNs in their portfolios. This development underscores the increasing acceptance of cryptocurrencies as legitimate financial instruments. For institutional investors, crypto ETPs offer a regulated and familiar way to gain exposure to the digital asset market.

The current exclusion of retail investors from accessing crypto ETPs has sparked a debate about the future of cryptocurrency investments for the broader public. As firms like ETC Group, CoinShares, and WisdomTree prepare to list their products, there is a growing hope that the regulatory environment will evolve. Such changes could eventually provide retail investors with the opportunity to participate in the crypto market through ETPs. This development would not only broaden the investor base but also enhance the liquidity and stability of the cryptocurrency market.

The LSE’s readiness to list crypto ETPs represents a watershed moment for the cryptocurrency industry in the UK. As regulations adapt and the market matures, the inclusion of digital asset products on one of the world’s leading exchanges signals a bright future for crypto investments.

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