Revolutionizing Typing and Gaming: The Bored Keyboard Unveiled

The Bored Keyboard

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  • The Bored Keyboard transforms typing with smart word suggestions and streamlines copy-pasting tasks.
  • Gamers benefit from an audio ‘heat-map’ feature for tracking in-game sounds and enemy movements.
  • Customization options and cross-platform compatibility make it a versatile choice for users worldwide.

The world of mechanical keyboards is witnessing a groundbreaking shift with the introduction of the Bored Keyboard. Designed to be the first of its kind, this innovative keyboard promises to redefine how we type and game. This article explores the Bored Keyboard’s key features and potential impact on the mechanical keyboard landscape.

A typing revolution

Autocomplete Feature Speeds Up Typing

The standout feature of the Bored Keyboard is its autocomplete function, reminiscent of smartphone typing experiences. With a touch-sensitive display providing word suggestions as users type, this feature aims to boost typing speeds significantly. Users can simply select a suggested word instead of typing it out, bridging the gap between thought and text.

As users continue interacting with the Bored Keyboard, its predictive models adapt and become more accurate, reducing the time it takes to transform thoughts into written words. Notably, the autocomplete function isn’t limited to standard text but extends to coding, streamlining the coding process and enhancing productivity for developers.

Clipboard Feature Streamlines Copy-Paste Tasks

The clipboard feature of the Bored Keyboard offers a practical solution to the often tedious task of copying and pasting multiple pieces of data. Instead of repeatedly switching between applications to paste individual items, users can rely on the keyboard’s display to manage their clipboard efficiently. This innovation simplifies data handling and accelerates workflow, making the keyboard an invaluable tool for professionals working with spreadsheets, documents, and more.

Gaming beyond limits

Audio ‘Heat-Map’ Enhances Gaming Experience

Gaming enthusiasts will find the Bored Keyboard’s gaming enhancements particularly intriguing. During gameplay, the keyboard is an audio ‘heat map,’ responding to in-game sounds like footsteps and gunshots. By lighting up specific areas corresponding to these sounds, the keyboard provides an intuitive and immersive gaming experience.

This innovative feature aids in tracking the movements of in-game enemies, offering a competitive edge even without headphones. The Bored Keyboard effectively becomes an extra set of eyes, helping players stay vigilant and gain an advantage in gaming.

Customization and flexibility

Open-Source Software Empowers Users

The Bored Keyboard places a strong emphasis on user customization and control. Its open-source software allows users to tailor their typing and gaming experiences to their preferences. The keyboard’s software offers endless possibilities, whether adjusting autocomplete settings, configuring key mappings, creating shortcuts, or running custom scripts.

Variety of Hardware Options

In terms of hardware, the Bored Keyboard offers flexibility to suit individual needs. Users can choose from Gateron switches in various types (red, brown, yellow, blue) and swap keycaps as desired. The keyboard’s body has two material options: ABS plastic or machined aluminum. Additionally, users can select between two battery capacities, 6000mAh or 10,000mAh, based on their usage requirements.

The keyboard’s display is also available in two variants, with options for either an LCD or a PMOLED lateral display on top. Connectivity is also adaptable, with the standard version offering USB-C and Bluetooth options, while the premium model includes a 2.4GHz receiver.

Compact and compatible

Balanced Layout for Portability

With its compact 75% layout, the Bored Keyboard balances functionality and portability. By omitting the number pad while retaining a row of function keys, the keyboard aims to cater to both productivity and on-the-go needs. It measures 320mm in width and 171mm in depth, making it versatile for various usage scenarios.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

The Bored Keyboard doesn’t discriminate between operating systems. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS devices, ensuring accessibility to various users across different platforms.

Pricing and availability

The Bored Keyboard is available in two distinct versions, each catering to different preferences and budgets. The standard/basic variant starts at an affordable $169, while the premium variant, offering additional features and materials, is priced at $363. Notably, global shipping is included in these prices, making the Bored Keyboard accessible to users worldwide.

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