Hong Kong’s SFC announces stricter crypto regulations in wake of market dynamics

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  • The SFC has updated its crypto regulations, with a focus on serving only professional investors and redefining the roles of intermediaries.
  • The new guidelines come after the JPEX scandal and classify virtual assets as “complex products”, aligning them with traditional financial instruments.

In response to evolving market patterns and following feedback from industry experts, Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has introduced a series of revamped guidelines surrounding the management and transaction of virtual currencies. These changes, notably announced after a major crypto exchange disaster, promise more comprehensive oversight and a shift in how the city views and handles these assets.

Protecting professional investors and emphasizing intermediary roles

The key tenet of the newly unveiled regulations targets specific virtual currency offerings. Notably, these offerings will now be designed to serve only professional investors. The move is expected to mitigate risks associated with inexperienced retail investors diving into a complex and volatile market.

Intermediaries, often the main point of contact for potential investors, will also see their roles significantly redefined. As crucial players in the crypto sphere, they’ll be mandated to ensure that their clients possess a sound knowledge of the virtual assets they intend to invest in. By placing such a responsibility on intermediaries, the SFC aims to ensure that only well-informed decisions are made within the crypto landscape. This could prove instrumental in reducing cases of investor remorse and large-scale losses.

The Commission’s remarks also shed light on the inconsistencies in the global regulatory framework surrounding cryptocurrencies. It noted, “Although virtual assets are gaining traction in select global quarters, the overarching regulatory milieu remains disparate.” This fragmented regulatory environment was a cause for concern for the SFC, which had previously highlighted numerous risks associated with digital assets back in 2018.

SFC: Reclassification of virtual assets

The SFC has taken a significant step in placing virtual assets in the same league as traditional financial counterparts. These assets are now classified as “complex products,” bringing them under the Commission’s oversight. Such a move will likely imbue confidence among potential investors, who can now expect the same level of regulatory scrutiny for virtual assets as they would for more established financial products.

Specifically, the new regulations identify crypto exchange-traded funds and products from beyond Hong Kong’s shores as examples of these newly labeled complex products. This clarification offers a roadmap for how various virtual assets will be treated, aiding in the removal of ambiguities surrounding their transaction and management.

The JPEX scandal: A catalyst for change?

The crypto landscape in Hong Kong is still grappling with the shockwaves sent out by the JPEX crypto exchange scandal. The fiasco, which unraveled just a month ago, resulted in the SFC being flooded with complaints, numbering over a thousand. Aggrieved users reported significant losses, alleging mismanagement and potentially fraudulent activities by the JPEX operators. The episode culminated in the detention of six individuals linked to JPEX, accused of running an unlicensed cryptocurrency platform.

It’s uncertain whether the JPEX incident directly influenced the SFC’s decision to refine its regulations. However, the timing is certainly suggestive. In light of the scandal, the SFC had already expressed its commitment to bolster measures to keep crypto investors well-informed about potential pitfalls.

A testament to this commitment is the creation of a joint task force earlier this month. This team, comprising members from both the Hong Kong Police Force and the SFC, is mandated to monitor and investigate any suspicious activities associated with digital currencies. Such proactive steps underscore the city’s dedication to not only nurture the burgeoning crypto market but also ensure it remains a safe arena for investors.


As virtual currencies continue their march into mainstream financial systems, regulatory bodies worldwide grapple with how best to manage them. Hong Kong’s SFC, with its latest set of guidelines, is positioning itself as a vanguard, ensuring that as the industry evolves, the interests of its investors remain safeguarded. The world will undoubtedly watch how these new measures play out in one of Asia’s financial hubs, potentially taking cues from their markets.

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