Two arrested plead guilty; almost $3m in laundering and drug through crypto

plead guilty in money laundering case


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Crypto related crimes are on the rise for quite some time now and recently two men were convicted for selling drugs and illegal substances in crypto. Along with this, these men were involved in money laundering by using cryptocurrencies and Western Union payments.

The two men have been convicted and are Callaway Crain and Mark Sanchez. They were also the people behind the NextDayGear. NextDayGear is a website on the dark web that manufactured and sold illegal substances including Xanax, Valium and Viagra and steroids.

By conducting these activities both these men earned a revenue of over two million dollars ($2 million) over the years of 2013 and 2018. They used payment options like crypto and Western Union to not get caught.

Some products were made while others were bought from counties like China and were sold under brand names. Most professional sports players were the ones using these people’s services to buy these substances.

When these men were caught they pleaded guilty to all the accusations and their sentencing is set to be on 12th July. It is expected that their prison sentences will range from three to eight years.

Attorney Vance announced the conviction of these two people and also gave a statement warning other people involved in such businesses to beware because his team has skilled people who always keep an eye out for illegal activities.

As of now, this is the first cases of crypto misuse to have occurred in New York. On 16th April a similar case emerged and the people pulling the strings were caught.

In that case, three men were involved and they made a revenue of almost two million dollars ($2 million). Because of this activity, the rate of Bitcoin use in the black market has increased by seventy percent (70%).

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