Trump’s Support Ignites Bitcoin Rally: Will $73K Be the Next Milestone?


  • Trump’s nod boosts Bitcoin sentiment, driving the market surge.
  • Institutional demand fuels Bitcoin’s relentless ascent towards $73,000.
  • Short positions liquidated as Bitcoin continued its bullish momentum.

Bitcoin (BTC) surged toward the $73,000 mark, setting a new all-time high as bullish momentum continued to grip the market. 

The cryptocurrency’s ascent was fueled by a combination of factors, including endorsements from influential figures like former United States President Donald Trump and increasing institutional demand.

Trump’s support bolsters confidence

Former President Donald Trump’s subtle support for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies during a CNBC interview provided a boost to market sentiment. While Trump himself denied owning Bitcoin, he expressed openness to allowing U.S. citizens to conduct transactions with the cryptocurrency, referring to it as “an additional form of currency.” 

His remarks added to the growing acceptance of Bitcoin in mainstream discourse, contributing to its bullish trajectory.

Institutional demand and market optimism

The surge in Bitcoin’s price was also attributed to heightened institutional demand, particularly from U.S. spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs). This institutional interest has injected a new level of confidence into the market, with analysts predicting further upside potential. 

Keith Alan, co-founder of trading resource Material Indicators, emphasized the importance of tapping into low-liquidity conditions to accelerate gains, suggesting that Bitcoin could reach $75,000 in the near term.

Bitcoin’s price action has been closely monitored by analysts, with attention focused on key resistance levels and market dynamics. Despite concerns of overvaluation, bullish momentum remains strong, with the next significant hurdle for Bitcoin set at $72,800. 

Analysts caution that while corrections of up to 50% are common during bull markets, the influx of institutional investors through ETFs could mitigate downside risk and favor further upward movement. However, uncertainties persist as Bitcoin navigates uncharted territory, with the potential for unexpected market fluctuations.

Short positions liquidated amidst a bullish surge

As Bitcoin continued its upward trajectory, short positions faced significant liquidations, highlighting the prevailing bullish sentiment in the market. The rapid price appreciation caught many traders off guard, leading to forced liquidations and further fueling upward momentum. This dynamic underscores the challenges faced by traders attempting to bet against Bitcoin’s relentless ascent.

Bitcoin’s ascent to new highs near $73,000 reflects the ongoing bullish momentum fueled by endorsements from influential figures like Donald Trump and increasing institutional demand. Despite concerns of overvaluation and potential market corrections, analysts remain optimistic about Bitcoin’s outlook, citing the influx of institutional investors through ETFs as a key factor driving further gains. 

However, the market remains susceptible to volatility, with short positions facing significant liquidations amidst the prevailing bullish surge. As Bitcoin continues to rewrite price records, investors and analysts alike closely monitor market dynamics and technical indicators to gauge future price movements

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