US lawmaker tips Donald Trump’s administration to be crypto-friendly

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  • US lawmaker Tom Emmer has noted that Donald Trump’s second term will be favorable towards the crypto industry.
  • Speculations concerning crypto and regulation.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump’s stance on cryptocurrency has undergone a notable shift since leaving the White House. Initially critical of digital assets, Trump’s recent engagement with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the crypto space suggests a potential change in perspective. This shift has caught the attention of some political figures and analysts including US lawmaker Tom Emmer, who speculate on the implications for the crypto industry if Trump were to return to the presidency.

US lawmaker predicts a crypto-friendly Trump administration

House Majority Whip Tom Emmer, a prominent Republican and crypto advocate, has expressed optimism about Trump’s potential friendliness towards the cryptocurrency industry in the event of a second term. The US lawmaker, who endorsed Trump in the 2024 Republican presidential primary, believes that a Trump administration would likely create a regulatory environment more favorable to cryptocurrencies. The US lawmakers position contrasts with Trump’s previous skepticism about Bitcoin and other digital currencies during his time in office. During his presidency, Trump took to Twitter to express his disapproval of cryptocurrencies, stating that he was “not a fan” and emphasizing their perceived lack of stability and connection to illicit activities.

However, since leaving office, Trump has launched three NFT collections, showcasing a newfound interest in the crypto space. The most recent NFT collection, named the Mugshot Edition, was unveiled in December of the previous year. Trump’s earlier collections featured digital card sets illustrating various aspects of his life and career. Interestingly, Trump’s involvement in the NFT market has extended beyond creative pursuits; he reportedly sold Ethereum (ETH) worth millions, acquired from NFT sales, according to on-chain analysis.

Asides from the US lawmaker, Brian Brooks, a former chief legal officer at Coinbase and Acting Comptroller of the Currency, commented on the potential impact of Trump’s return on crypto regulation. Brooks suggested that individuals appointed by Trump to regulatory roles would likely be more open or friendly towards cryptocurrencies compared to the current administration. Trump’s warnings of a stock market crash and a new Great Depression if he fails to secure the 2024 presidential election have added layer of complexity to the situation.

Speculations concerning crypto and regulation

Brian Brooks attributed the current high stock market values to the anticipation of his victory. Trump’s prediction, though dire, raises questions about the interplay between political outcomes and financial markets. Asset management firm Vaneck’s analysts have made predictions regarding the price of Bitcoin in the event of Trump winning the presidency in 2024. According to their projections, Bitcoin’s price could reach record highs on November 9th, reflecting the influence of political events on the cryptocurrency market.

This speculation aligns with the notion that crypto-voters, a passionate constituency according to former SEC official John Reed Stark, might influence Trump’s stance on cryptocurrency. Stark suggested that crypto-voters could be one-issue voters, indicating that their strong support for cryptocurrencies might lead Trump to adjust his position significantly. This potential shift in stance could have broader implications for the crypto industry, especially considering the influence of political decisions on regulatory frameworks.

The evolving relationship between Donald Trump and the cryptocurrency industry presents a dynamic landscape. While Trump was initially critical of digital assets during his presidency, his recent engagement with NFTs and the crypto space has sparked speculation about a potential shift in perspective. The impact of Trump’s return to power on cryptocurrency regulation, as well as the market dynamics, remains uncertain but has captured the attention of political observers and market analysts especially US lawmaker Tom Emmer.

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