TrueUSD and MooreHK partner for enhanced stablecoin transparency


  • TrueUSD entered a strategic partnership with Moore Hong Kong in January 2024 to increase transparency in the stablecoin industry.
  • MooreHK will conduct daily attestations for TrueUSD, aiming to provide detailed reports to stakeholders and enhance the coin’s transparency.
  • Michelle Chu, Senior Assurance Director at MooreHK, expressed commitment to using advanced attestation tools to boost TUSD’s transparency.

TrueUSD (TUSD), a leading stablecoin, has partnered strategically with Moore Hong Kong (MooreHK), a renowned accounting firm. This collaboration is set to begin in January 2024, marking a significant step in TUSD’s commitment to transparency and trust within the industry.

MooreHK boosts TrueUSD’s global transparency efforts

Starting January 2024, MooreHK will conduct daily attestations for TrueUSD. This initiative aims to provide detailed, timely reports to stakeholders and TUSD token holders, significantly enhancing the transparency of the stablecoin. The move responds to the growing demand for reliable and transparent operations in the cryptocurrency space, particularly for stablecoins. By providing regular attestations, MooreHK will assist TUSD in reinforcing its position as a leader in the industry, known for its reliability and commitment to best practices.

The partnership aligns with TUSD’s global expansion initiative. With MooreHK’s expertise, TUSD aims to fortify its status as a trustworthy and transparent stablecoin in the global market. This move is not just about enhancing operational transparency; it’s also about setting a new standard in the stablecoin sector, where trust and reliability are paramount.

Representatives from TrueUSD have emphasized the critical nature of reserve attestations for stablecoins. The collaboration with MooreHK and The Network Firm is a strategic move to bolster TUSD’s market presence. This partnership represents a proactive approach by TUSD to maintain transparency and trustworthiness in its operations.

Michelle Chu, the Senior Assurance Director at MooreHK, has expressed enthusiasm for the project. The commitment to leverage advanced attestation tools is a testament to the firm’s dedication to enhancing TUSD’s transparency. Regularly provided attestation reports are expected to foster heightened confidence among TUSD users, ensuring close monitoring of the reserves.

On the other hand, Patrick Rozario, the Managing Director of MooreHK Advisory Services, highlighted the collaborative opportunities this partnership brings. He pointed out that by working with The Network, the Firm could unlock numerous prospects within the Asia Pacific blockchain ecosystem. This partnership signifies TrueUSD’s dedication to not just maintaining but also leading in the field of stablecoin transparency and reliability.

Implications for the blockchain industry

The strategic alliance between TrueUSD and Moore Hong Kong sets a precedent in the blockchain industry. It reflects a growing trend of collaboration between cryptocurrency entities and established financial services firms. This partnership is more than just a business agreement; it represents a shift towards greater accountability and transparency in the cryptocurrency world.

For TUSD, this move is part of its continuous effort to pioneer transparency in the stablecoin ecosystem. Over the years, TUSD has been at the forefront of introducing innovative solutions, including third-party audits and on-chain Proof of Reserve. The partnership with MooreHK continues this legacy as TUSD seeks to solidify its standing as a transparent and reliable stablecoin.

The partnership between TrueUSD and Moore Hong Kong marks a significant milestone in the cryptocurrency industry. It showcases a commitment to transparency and reliability, setting a new standard for stablecoins globally. This collaboration is a step forward for TUSD and a positive development for the blockchain industry, signaling a move towards greater trust and accountability.

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