Trade tug-of-war: US-China tensions back again

US-China trade barbs at top security summit as Taiwan Strait

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  • China imposes export restrictions on graphite, crucial for electric vehicles.
  • The US ramps up controls on AI chip sales to China, affecting major tech firms like Nvidia.
  • Companies like Alibaba and Baidu might resort to outdated chips due to these restrictions.
  • Broadcom’s $69bn acquisition of VMware may face hurdles amid these trade tensions.

We’re diving headfirst into yet another round of the US-China trade saga. As Beijing slaps new export restrictions on graphite and confronts the significant challenges in its chipmaking sector, it’s evident the global giants are back on the battlefield.

Graphite Restrictions and Chipmaking Dilemmas

China’s decision to restrict graphite exports is particularly intriguing. This mineral is no mere rock; it’s pivotal to the electric vehicle revolution. Meanwhile, the US hasn’t been idle.

The Biden administration just amped up controls on AI chip sales to China. This chess move inevitably shakes the tech sphere, especially for giants like Nvidia.

The company, with about a quarter of its data center chip revenue hinging on the Chinese market, saw its shares plummet by a staggering 6% in New York.

Then there are the titans of Chinese tech, Alibaba and Baidu. Both companies have been spearheading China’s dream of semiconductor independence.

But with the new rules from Washington, they might find themselves scrambling for alternatives, potentially leaning on outdated and hoarded chips.

Diplomatic and Economic Ripple Effects

Let’s talk business—big business. The recent tensions might throw a wrench into Broadcom’s plans of acquiring cloud software group VMware for a cool $69 billion.

This wouldn’t be the first time. Remember 2017? Donald Trump, the then US president, torpedoed Broadcom’s attempt to seize Qualcomm for a jaw-dropping $142 billion, all while fanning the flames of a trade war against China.

As this drama unfolds, all eyes turn to an impending summit in Washington. Here, US president Joe Biden is set to break bread with European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen and EU council chief Charles Michel.

The main dish? Tariffs. After all, they’re gathering with the intent to squash the transatlantic tariff war Trump ignited. And yes, China is on the menu, with trade levies against the nation being a focal point of discussions.

As the US extends an olive branch, agreeing to lift tariffs on EU steel and aluminum imports, there’s a catch. The EU must mirror these actions towards China, accusing them of flooding the market with low-priced metals.

However, the EU isn’t rushing into things. They first demand concrete evidence that China is indeed subsidizing its producers.

A Glimpse Beyond the US-China Face-off

While the US-China tension is the main attraction, we can’t ignore the global impacts. For instance, UK consumer confidence is taking a nosedive, facing its most significant monthly drop in over three years.

On the flip side, German producer prices have plummeted by a record 14.7%, hinting at a potential inflation cooldown in Europe’s behemoth economy.

Now, the international stock and bond scene is feeling the heat. Chinese investors, for instance, have been offloading US stocks and bonds at an unprecedented rate. Speculation is rampant. Is Beijing trying to fortify the renminbi’s dollar exchange rate?

As we brace ourselves for this renewed round of US-China trade tensions, it’s more than just a battle between two nations.

The ripple effects are global, and the stakes are astronomical. The world watches and waits, eager to see the next move in this high-stakes game of global trade.

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