Top blockchain accelerators in 2023


  • In 2023, blockchain accelerators have experienced significant growth and expansion, with the demand for blockchain technology surging across multiple industries.
  • Accelerators in 2023 have developed specialized support programs tailored to meet the unique needs of blockchain startups. 
  • Leading blockchain accelerators have expanded their operations internationally, recognizing the global nature of blockchain innovation.

If you are a blockchain startup founder in the early phases of developing your company, blockchain accelerators can help you. With chances for blockchain and crypto companies growing, now is the moment to board the rocket ship. It’s critical to understand that there are blockchain accelerators and incubators. Pay attention to the differences and similarities in both, as well as their unique features.

What are blockchain accelerators and incubators?

Blockchain accelerators are programs or initiatives that provide support, resources, and mentorship to startups or projects working on blockchain technology. These blockchain accelerators are designed to help blockchain-based businesses grow and succeed by providing them with a structured and intensive environment.

The primary goal of blockchain accelerators is to accelerate the development and adoption of blockchain solutions by offering various forms of assistance. Many blockchain startup accelerator programs finish with a “Demo Day,” where their cohort companies present their investment “pitches” to supportive venture capitalists and other investors. Due to this, multiple accelerators collaborate closely with their founders to prepare their presentations and pitch decks for this presentation. 

To clarify any confusion, startup incubators and startup accelerators are similar but not identical. Incubators are more focused on providing entrepreneurs with the resources and support they need to develop their businesses from an even earlier stage and over a longer time period than accelerator programs.

So many incubators accept entrepreneurs who are still developing something that is primarily an idea, and these programs may last anywhere from six months to three years or more. In addition to other resources and operational support, incubators frequently provide office space for business owners to work from to support their ventures.

Blockchain Accelerators to pay attention to in 2023

Accelerator and incubator programs offer an array of advantages, the most important of which is accelerating the growth of ventures. And this is of paramount importance to the success of blockchain enterprises! Blockchain Accelerators and incubators can provide access to and introductions to the following essentials for blockchain startups: 

1) Guidance and mentorship in tech development.

2) The credibility and connections required to launch new projects.

3) A new network of venture capitalists and angel investors willing to invest in blockchain and crypto projects.

Introductions to blockchain and crypto-friendly venture capitalists and angel investors are especially vital in the case of blockchain. However, a word of caution. Not every accelerator or incubator is a good startup program, and not every good accelerator or renowned incubator has experience working with blockchain or crypto firms.

If you’re thinking about applying to blockchain accelerators or incubator programs, look into their alumni companies. What is the accelerator’s track record with its blockchain and crypto alumni? Is it a general accelerator program that accepts companies from a variety of industries? Does it have experience with blockchain and crypto, as well as mentor, industry, and investor networks that will be beneficial to you?


ALTA provides companies with custom-tailored solutions to help them flourish in the complex and competitive blockchain industry. Their array of services consists of mentoring, due diligence, effective marketing, outreach strategies, and connections to funds, investors, and launchpads. Through their expertise and network of industry connections, they assist businesses in scaling their blockchain-based solutions and promoting the widespread adoption of DLT.

ALTA’s guiding principles are innovation, collaboration, and openness. Alta works closely with each client to identify their unique requirements and challenges, and then uses their research and due diligence process to create a customized solution that assists them in achieving their objectives and standing out in the blockchain space.

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Souce: Alta

The ALTA team is committed to assisting any company succeed in the blockchain industry, whether you are a startup seeking to develop a cutting-edge blockchain solution or an established business seeking to streamline operations and improve efficiency through DLT. 

Blockchain Founders Fund

The Blockchain Founders Fund, abbreviated BFF, is a venture capital fund focused on blockchain-based businesses and startups. The fund, founded by some of the largest names in the blockchain world, wants to harness its founders’ aggregate experience and connections to promote creative ventures from a variety of industries. 

BFF blockchain accelerators have offices in both New York and Silicon Valley and have already made a number of successful investments in industries such as digital health, finance, and asset registration. In addition to providing monetary support, BFF aims to promote technical collaboration with its portfolio firms by exchanging market knowledge and strategy.

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Source: BFF

BFF also want to establish the basis for future initiatives so that they may continue to invest in emerging technologies while also developing data-driven models to assist their partners in growing. The Blockchain Founders Fund is an excellent alternative for entrepreneurs wishing to create in the field of blockchain technology.

Boost VC

Boost VC, created in 2012 by Adam Draper, is a venture capital firm and accelerator program that focuses on investing in early-stage blockchain corporations. They help portfolio companies flourish by providing funding, resources, projects, and partnership. Their objective is to accelerate the speed of blockchain technology and crypto innovation. The entity is one of the leading Blockchain accelerators in the DeFi space.

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Source: Boost VC

Boost VC offers housing and working accommodations in San Mateo, California, in addition to funding and coaching. These facilities enable entrepreneurs to cooperate and form important contacts while expanding their blockchain and crypto projects. Since its inception, Boot VC has invested in over 250 firms, serving as a bridge for ambitious startups to enter the blockchain ecosystem.

dlab Programmatic Venture Capital

The dlab Programmatic Venture Capital (PVC) fund helps entrepreneurs and startups in scaling their developing initiatives by focusing on new technologies such as blockchain, distributed ledger technology, decentralized finance, and artificial intelligence (AI). Digital Currency Group founded dlab PVC in 2017 to provide guidance and financing to early-stage entrepreneurs pioneering in the blockchain area. 

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Source: dlab

With a focus on pre-ICO and post-ICO initiatives, dlab PVC provides access to money while developing long-term relationships with renowned entrepreneurs. They are able to provide advise to firms aiming to make an impact in the blockchain area by using their network of investors, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals.

GBV Capital

The portfolio of GBV Capital focuses on investments in early-stage fintech and blockchain firms. They were founded by experienced investors and financiers with the goal of assisting startups in accelerating their growth while minimizing risk. GBV Capital helps creators build successful businesses through a combination of strategic counsel and coaching. 

image 144
Source: GBV capital

Scale VC services give early stage funding to blockchain and crypto startups. They have invested in over 250 firms and serve as a bridge for ambitious entrepreneurs to reach the blockchain ecosystem. Furthermore, they provide mentorship, strategic counsel, and access to a large network of investors and advisors to founders.

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