PS2 Games That Takes the Crown for the Worst Gameplay


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  • Some bad PS2 games made gamers unhappy due to boring gameplay and bad graphics.
  • A trivia game, The Guy Game, caused controversy with inappropriate content.
  • Little Britain: The Video Game upset people with offensive humor and unfun minigames.

The PlayStation 2 (PS2) is hailed as one of the most iconic gaming consoles in history, responsible for shaping the gaming industry as we know it today. Yet, amid its vast library of cherished titles, there were a few games that failed to stand the test of time. Let’s explore the top 10 worst PS2 games, exploring why they received such criticism and left gamers disheartened.

Bad Boys: Miami Takedown – a failed movie adaptation

Bad Boys: Miami Takedown, an adaptation of the popular movie franchise, took itself too seriously. The game’s ugly graphics, terrible acting, and uninspired writing left fans scratching their heads. While it may have unintentional humor, it couldn’t redeem its overall mediocrity.

Catwoman – a catastrophic cash grab

Catwoman, a game tied to the poorly received movie, checked all the wrong boxes. Terrible camera angles, cringeworthy dialogue, and numerous glitches made it a disaster. While the graphics were passable, the overall quality was severely lacking.

Charlie’s Angels – a disastrous movie tie-in

Movie-based games were common during the PS2 era, and Charlie’s Angels was a prime example. With a ridiculous plot and lackluster gameplay, this title failed to impress. Terrible enemy AI and long pauses in character dialogue made it a tedious experience.

Army Men: Green Rogue – an unnecessary sequel

The Army Men franchise had its moments of glory, but Army Men: Green Rogue failed to capture the essence of its predecessors. This thirteenth installment disappointed fans with its on-rail gameplay and a plethora of game-breaking bugs, leaving many questioning its existence.

GoDai: Elemental Force – a ninja’s nightmare

GoDai: Elemental Force, an action game featuring a ninja named Hiro, promised a thrilling combat experience. However, it fell short in almost every aspect. Critics slammed its unappealing storyline, dreadful character design, and sluggish animations. With an unmanageable camera and subpar voice acting, GoDai scored a mere 2.5/10.

Little Britain: The Video Game – offensive humor and gameplay

Little Britain: The Video Game, based on the controversial TV series, suffered from both cultural insensitivity and poor gameplay. Relentless jokes targeting various groups offended players, while terrible animation, graphics, and minigames made it an unbearable experience. Critics labeled it one of the worst licensed games ever.

Celebrity Deathmatch – a wrestling letdown

While Celebrity Deathmatch thrived as an MTV show, its video game adaptation did not fare well. The unique cast of characters, including celebrities like Anna Nicole Smith and Busta Rhymes, couldn’t save it from being panned. The fighting system was unresponsive and illogical, with AI opponents wandering aimlessly.

The Guy Game – tasteless trivia

The Guy Game, released in 2004, sparked controversy for its trivia game show format, featuring explicit live-action footage. Legal issues aside, the game’s premise was widely criticized for its tastelessness and objectification. While the trivia aspect worked fine, it remains a symbol of a bygone era in gaming culture.

Fugitive Hunter: The War on Terror – an absurd premise

Released shortly after the Iraq War began, Fugitive Hunter took players on a mission to capture America’s most wanted, including Osama bin Laden. However, the absurd premise couldn’t save the game from its poor gameplay. Levels were tedious, enemies respawned endlessly, and the outdated graphics didn’t help.

The Simpsons Skateboarding – a poor attempt at skateboarding

Attempting to capitalize on the skateboarding craze popularized by Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series, The Simpsons Skateboarding fell flat. Lacking in tricks, plagued by chunky graphics, subpar audio quality, and mediocre controls, it earned a reputation as one of the worst PS2 games ever.

Final thoughts on the PS2 Era

The PS2 era brought us countless memorable gaming experiences, but it wasn’t without its share of disappointments. These ten games, despite their potential or source material, failed to meet gamers’ expectations and left a lasting mark as some of the worst titles in the console’s history. While they may have their quirks and unintentional humor, they serve as a reminder of the importance of quality and innovation in the world of gaming.

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