Unveiling the Top 10 Robotics Stories of September 2023

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  • TRI pioneers robot learning with Generative AI, pushing the boundaries of ‘Large Behavior Models (LBMs).’
  • Mujin secures $85M in Series C funding, boosting accessibility for MujinController with SBI Investment Co. Ltd leading the round.
  • Ascento unveils Ascento Guard, a $4.3M-fueled security robot, marking a leap in autonomous outdoor patrolling.

In the dynamic world of robotics, September 2023 has emerged as a crucial chapter, witnessing a cascade of technological triumphs that promise to reshape industries and redefine possibilities. From cutting-edge advancements in Generative AI shaping robot learning to substantial funding elevating the accessibility of robotics controllers, this month has been a whirlwind of innovation. 

LimX Dynamics has rolled out a wheeled quadruped heralding a new era in robotic design, while Ascento’s autonomous outdoor security patrolling robot secures a formidable position in the security domain. As we delve into the Top 10 Robotics Breakthroughs of September 2023, the synergy of technology and ingenuity takes center stage, propelling us into a future where machines not only assist but revolutionize the way we live and work.

1. TRI’s leap into robot learning with generative AI

In a groundbreaking move, Toyota Research Institute (TRI) showcased its innovative use of Generative AI to teach robots new dexterous behaviors. This novel approach marks a significant step toward constructing ‘Large Behavior Models (LBMs)’ for robots, akin to the transformative Large Language Models (LLMs) shaping conversational AI.

2. Mujin secures $85M to boost robotics controller accessibility

Japan’s Mujin secured an impressive $85 million in Series C funding, with SBI Investment Co. Ltd leading the round. The capital injection is intended to bolster Mujin’s MujinController, aiming to improve accessibility for integrators and end users. Angel investor Dr. James Kuffner, Accenture, Pegasus Tech Ventures, and  7 Industries were key participants in this funding boost.

3. LimX Dynamics unleashes W1 wheeled quadruped

LimX Dynamics, a Shenzhen-based legged robot company, unveiled its latest creation—the W1 wheeled quadruped robot. Fueled by LimX Dynamics’ Motion Intelligence technology, the W1 boasts perception and motion control algorithms alongside multiple proprietary actuators, signaling a leap forward in robotic design.

4. Ascento’s $4.3M funding round launches Ascento Guard

Ascento, a rising robotics startup, made headlines with a $4.3 million funding round and the launch of its autonomous outdoor security patrolling robot, the Ascento Guard. Wingman Ventures and Playfair led the pre-seed funding round, joined by marquee investors like Tim Kentley-Klay and Ryan Gariepy. The Ascento Guard is set to redefine security with its advanced features, propelled by the substantial financial backing.

5. Dexterity and FedEx collaborate on trailer loading robots

Dexterity AI collaborated with FedEx Corp to introduce AI-powered robotic technology for trailer loading. DexR, Dexterity’s proprietary mobile robot, autonomously navigates to the back of trailers and employs its two robotic arms to load boxes from a powered conveyor system. This partnership signifies a transformative step in automating logistics operations, showcasing the potential for increased efficiency in package handling.

6. China’s robotics market surges with 17.1% growth

China’s robotics market continued its upward trajectory, with over half of all industrial robots worldwide sold in the country last year. In the first half of 2023, industrial robot sales surged by 17.1%, reaching 144,288 units. The data reflects the dynamic and robust nature of China’s robotics and automation sector.

7. Otto group’s strategic partnership with Boston Dynamics

Otto Group, a global e-commerce giant, forged an agreement with Boston Dynamics to deploy Spot and Stretch robots in its logistics operations. Over the next two years, Otto Group plans to deploy Spot robots in more than 10 facilities and Stretch robots in over 20 locations. This strategic move aims to enhance efficiency and streamline logistics processes for one of the world’s largest e-commerce retailers.

8. GoPal’s autonomous mobile robots revolutionize logistics

The GoPal solution, featuring autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), emerged as a game-changer in material handling and logistics operations. Equipped with advanced sensors and cameras, GoPal AMRs navigate warehouses and production facilities, lifting pallets weighing up to 2,645 lbs (1,200 kg) with speed and precision. This innovation represents a significant leap in automation, offering a collaborative and efficient solution for businesses.

9. Rockwell Automation acquires clearpath robotics

Rockwell Automation made waves by acquiring Clearpath Robotics, an Ontario-based developer of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for research and development purposes. This strategic move reinforces Rockwell Automation’s commitment to advancing automation technologies. The acquisition includes OTTO Motors, a division of Clearpath, specializing in developing AMRs for manufacturing and logistics applications.

10. Franka Emika’s unfortunate insolvency due to shareholder differences

Unfortunately, not all stories brought positive news, as Franka Emika, the German-based developer of the Panda collaborative robot arm, filed for insolvency due to “irreconcilable shareholder differences.” The preliminary insolvency administrator, Dr. Matthias Hofmann, and his team are working on pre-financing insolvency benefits for the more than 100 employees affected by this development.

September 2023 has been a month of dynamic and transformative developments in the robotics landscape, showcasing the relentless pursuit of innovation and efficiency in this rapidly evolving field.

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