A former regulator in the financial market has called for the development of a digital dollar by the government of the united states. The former Commodities and Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) chairman, J. Christopher Giancarlo, said the Federal Reserve needs to connect the line between public and private partnerships in catching up with other countries that have already embraced the possibility of digital currency.

For instance, the Chinese government is making considerable progress in the development of its digital Yuan, which could be unveiled this year. The digital Yuan has been as a potential challenger to the united states dollar’s dominance in the international market.

Why the digital dollar?

The creation of a central bank of digital currency (CBDC) in the united states will be a 21st-century innovation that will bring a new dimension of money handling, digital currency regulations, and international trade.  The creation of a digital dollar has been on the lips of many for a while, but the form it would take is still unknown.

The Central Bank of Digital Currency (CBDC) will ease the transfer and movements of money from one country or location to another, as well as ensuring proper scrutiny of how the money is being moved to combat money laundering and corruption-related issues. The digital dollar project has been said to remove all the obstacles that an analog currency might present.

The former CFTC boss said the digital dollar would be made available through the conventional traditional banking system and financial institutions to various users of the virtual money.

Central banks exploring digital currency potentials

There are indications of an imminent central bank of digital currency, but the time of its materialization is still nuclear. The central banks of various nations of the world are exploring the possibility of having their digital currency. It is not only the United States and China that are in the race for digital currency. The Bank of International settlement has partnered with central banks of some countries like Japan and Britain on the issuance and usage of digital currency.


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