The Pros and Cons of Copy Trading with an Online Brokerage


Copy trading is a method of capitalizing on financial markets that has become increasingly popular in recent years among individual investors. Through copy trading, a trader can automatically replicate the trades of more experienced and successful traders in the same financial markets. While copy trading can provide valuable opportunities for traders who are looking for more investment opportunities, there are also risks associated with this method of trading. This article will discuss the pros and cons of copy trading.

The Pros of Copy Trading

Copy trading has many advantages that make it an attractive option for investors. First, copy trading requires less technical knowledge and experience than other types of trading and investing. As copy trading involves replicating other investors’ strategies, it requires no previous strategies of the trader. This makes copy trading especially suitable for newer and inexperienced traders who want to gain exposure to the financial markets without having to make significant investments in research and experience.

Second, copy trading often offers traders a chance to access different markets and asset classes that may have been inaccessible to them otherwise. In comparison to manual trading, copy trading provides access to a broader range of investment opportunities in different markets without a trader having to put in a lot of time and effort to research and understand each individual asset class. 

Third, copy trading can provide traders with more safety and stability compared to manual trading. Copy trading is more stable as it allows traders to replicate the strategies and performances of successful traders. This, in turn, helps them to keep their trading risk under control and limit their losses due to any unforeseen market fluctuations.

The Cons of Copy Trading

Although copy trading comes with its own set of advantages, there are also some cons associated with it. First, copy trading can be a costly endeavour as investors are usually required to pay a subscription fee in order to access the trading strategies of successful traders. These fees can be extremely costly and can quickly eat into any profits that are generated. 

Second, although copy trading eliminates the amount of research and analysis that a manual trader would need to do, it can also be difficult to choose the right traders to copy. Choosing the wrong traders or strategies can result in losses that the investor may not have originally anticipated. 

Third, copy trading can become too time consuming if it is not managed properly. As copy trading relies on the replication of strategies, traders may find themselves spending too much time monitoring the strategies and adjusting their portfolios. This can become a distraction from other activities and can detract from the overall performance of a trader. 

Considerations Before Investing with Copy Trading

Before investing in copy trading, traders should always keep a few considerations in mind. First, traders should always make sure to do their research before choosing a trader to copy. They should review their chosen trader’s historical performance, current strategies and risk appetite to make sure that they are comfortable with their choice. 

Second, traders should also keep in mind that copy trading requires ongoing management and adjustments. As the markets change and strategies change, traders should be prepared to adjust their portfolios and strategies accordingly.

Finally, traders should also keep in mind the costs associated with copy trading. Subscription fees can quickly eat into any profits that are generated, so traders should be prepared to pay any applicable fees before committing to a copy trading strategy. Hence, it is crucial to know how to choose the right online brokerage for copy trading. 

One of the copy trading platforms you could check out would be PU Social, a mobile trading app offered by an online brokerage PU Prime. It enables its users to access investment strategies from thousands of experienced and successful traders easily and reproduce the results from these strategies with its in-app auto-copy function. In addition to that, traders could even receive real-time updates from these signal providers and handle risks effectively with flexible copying parameters found on the platform. 


Copy trading is an increasingly popular investment strategy for individual traders, offering numerous advantages for those looking for additional investment opportunities. However, it is important for traders to keep in mind the potential risks involved with copy trading and be prepared to actively manage their portfolio and adjust their strategies accordingly. By considering these factors before investing with copy trading, traders can ensure that they are well-prepared to capitalize on the financial markets.

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