The ETFs vs Spot trading dynamics revealed by Robinhood CFO


  • Majority prefer spot Bitcoin trading; only 5% use ETFs.
  • ETFs seen as complementing spot trading, not replacing.
  • Some see ETFs as suitable for retirement accounts.

Robinhood’s Chief Financial Officer, Jason Warnick, revealed that Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have not significantly impacted spot Bitcoin trading on the platform.

In the earnings call for the fourth quarter of 2023, Warnick stated that only 5% of Robinhood users’ crypto trading activity involves Bitcoin ETFs, while the remaining 95% prefer direct spot Bitcoin trading.

User preference for spot Bitcoin trading

Despite the availability of Bitcoin ETFs on Robinhood, the majority of users continue to favor direct spot Bitcoin trading. Warnick emphasized that the introduction of ETFs did not lead to a significant shift away from spot trading, with only a small percentage of traders opting for ETFs over direct trading. 

He noted that while some users transitioned from spot trading to ETFs, this was more of an exception rather than the norm.

ETFs considered additive, not cannibalizing

Contrary to concerns that the introduction of Bitcoin ETFs might cannibalize spot Bitcoin trading, Warnick described ETFs as “mostly additive.” He highlighted that the presence of ETFs on the platform did not result in a substantial decline in spot trading activity. Instead, Warnick suggested that ETFs complemented existing trading options without significantly displacing spot Bitcoin trading.

ETF adoption in retirement accounts

Warnick further explained that a portion of the uptake in Bitcoin ETFs on Robinhood stemmed from users incorporating ETFs into their retirement accounts. This observation indicates that some traders may view ETFs as a strategic investment choice for long-term holdings, particularly within retirement portfolios. 

Robinhood’s offering of all ten United States spot Bitcoin ETFs, which became available for trading on January 11, provides users with a diverse range of ETF options to consider.The data shared by Robinhood’s CFO offers insights into the dynamics between spot Bitcoin trading and the adoption of Bitcoin ETFs.

 While ETFs represent a new avenue for exposure to Bitcoin within the traditional financial market infrastructure, direct spot trading remains popular among retail investors. The minimal impact of ETFs on spot trading suggests that both options can coexist within the crypto market ecosystem, catering to different investor preferences and strategies.

Future outlook for Bitcoin trading on Robinhood

As the cryptocurrency landscape continues to evolve, platforms like Robinhood are likely to witness ongoing shifts in user preferences and trading behavior. While ETFs have not dominated spot Bitcoin trading on Robinhood thus far, their presence on the platform provides users with additional investment opportunities and flexibility. 

Moving forward, monitoring the adoption and trading patterns of Bitcoin ETFs alongside spot trading activity will be essential for understanding the evolving dynamics of the crypto market on Robinhood and beyond.

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