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  • Pancake (CAKE) has launched Pancake Protectors, a program designed to provide enhanced benefits and perks for the PancakeSwap community, specifically for Pancake Squads and Bunnies.
  • Pancake Squads are groups of users actively contributing to the PancakeSwap ecosystem with benefits such as access to exclusive pools, early access to new features, and potential CAKE token rewards.

Pancake (CAKE)  has been made more accessible to investors in the following ways. The entity has introduced Pancake Protectors. Pancake Protectors, powered by the PvP GameFi protocol Mobox, immerses players in thrilling missions where the strategic placement of hero towers is vital. 

The addition of CAKE, PancakeSwap’s native token, distinguishes this edition. This integration enables players to use CAKE tokens within the game to receive prizes while playing.

CAKE new earning dimensions – Learn and apply

Pancake Bunnies and Squads represent a novel addition. These new enhancements can be used to enhance the abilities of your heroes. Each hero can only be upgraded with a single Bunny or Squad, which is applied in the “Heroes” section. If you possess the NFT in your wallet, you will be able to use Pancake Bunnies and Squads. In addition, your NFT can be seamlessly integrated into the in-game protagonists and displayed on your PancakeSwap profile!

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According to reports, a new update is imminent. Please be advised that the season 1 update will conclude on June 12 at 3:00 UTC. The upgrade to season 2 will begin at 04:00 UTC on the same day. Each season will consist of a 14-day cycle. In addition to scaling up your CAKE Heroes, CAKE tokens have numerous other uses within the game:

Here is how to use CAKE in Pancake Protectors

1. By accelerating recharge rate and level up progress

In the “First Recharge” section, you can increase the rate at which specific game features recharge. This increase in recharge rate enables you to advance more quickly and play more efficiently. Additionally, you can consume CAKE to expedite your leveling progress and generate substantial profits.

2. By claiming CAKE heroes

There are four factions of heroes: Sun, Storm, Star, and Light, with Light being the most potent. Recruitment in the primary city tab is one method for acquiring heroes. You receive three free recruitment opportunities per day, or you can purchase them from Daily Quests, the Gold Store, the Legion Store, the Hero Store, and the Relic Store. Holders of CAKE can use CAKE to purchase Gold (in-game currency) to recruit characters, including high-level Cake characters.

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CAKE heroes offer a variety of advantages, such as their ability to be traded in the game’s trading center and their superior attribute values compared to conventional heroes of the same star level. The “Trading Center” serves as a central location for participants to exchange items. Currently, the CAKE hero is the only tradable item available. 

In addition to granting more Hero Points than acquiring a conventional hero, acquiring a CAKE hero (excluding those being traded in the center) will also yield more Hero Points.

3. Earn CAKE by unlocking level fund, battle pass and privilege card

Level Fund, Battle Pass, and Privilege Card are in “Benefits.” Level Fund is the amount of Gold you need to unlock the next level, which you can buy with CAKE. The Battle Pass has tiers of rewards. By completing in-game objectives, challenges, or earning experience points, CAKE lets you unlock gifts as they progress through these tiers. 

With-game currencies, exclusive skins and avatars, consumable goods, power-ups, and other perks are available with the premium Battle Pass. The Privilege Card is a CAKE-only membership. It increases experience gain, rare item drop rates, ability cooldown times, and access to special features or places.

4. By purchasing gold and gift packs

You can purchase Gold, the in-game currency used for leveling up and other purposes, with CAKE.In addition, use CAKE to unbox gifts from the “Gift Pack” section, which includes the Daily Gift, Season Gift, and One-Time Gift Pack.

5. By staking CAKE to earn resource

Use your CAKE while “AFK” to earn additional resources such as Gold, Hero Experience, and Notes. There are ten levels of staking, with progressively advanced resources at each level. 

More CAKE rewards through seasons –  Season 1 exclusive $10k CAKE rewards

In Season 1, the entity includes wonderful bonus awards available just to Season 1 players. This season, you can top the Arena (Competitive Ranking Board) or the Hero Chart (Consumption Ranking Board) charts, and the champions will receive a grand total of 10,000 CAKE! These prizes will be allocated as follows among the leaderboards.

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In addition, you can participate in the seasonal lottery that requires lottery tickets. Lottery tickets can be unlocked through gameplay and activities, and you will acquire them.

Every season in Pancake Protectors features a thrilling lottery with amazing prizes. The Pancake Legendary MOMO gives heroes the most powerful powers. Exclusive and Normal NFTs, which come in surprise boxes, can boost hero characteristics. Seasonal awards include one Super MOBall, a MOBall, and ten Mini MOBalls. Each season brings fresh adventures for those with advanced lottery tickets. 

Here are the terms and conditions

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